CONFIRMED! Are You Ready to Watch The Real Housewives of Dubai Season 2?



The popularity of reality drama series is already widespread all around the world. Fans are eager to learn about their favorite reality show and want to stay updated with all the latest news around them.

While channels are trying their best to come out with different concepts, bravo has won the hearts of the viewers by releasing some of the unexpected shows on the channel. Series like Summer House, Winter House, and Real Housewives of New Jersey, are the reason why the channel has gained the attention of viewers from around the world. 

One of their popular reality television series that has debuted recently is Real Housewives of Dubai. This series centers around housewives, living in Dubai and enjoying their luxurious life. The first season of the show has already debuted on the screen and now fans are anticipating the future of the show.

 It is common for the viewers to ask about the renewal status of their favorite show and that’s what the audience of the series is doing. If you are wondering about the future status of the show, then don’t worry! We have gathered all the information regarding the show here so that you don’t need to worry about anything.

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  • Sara Al Madani
  • Chanel Ayan
  • Caroline Brooks
  • Lesa Milan
  • Caroline Stanbury
  • Taleen Marie
Original network Bravo
Original release June 2, 2024

The Real Housewives of Dubai Season 2: What is the Expected Release Date of the show?

The official has already confirmed the renewal status of the series. You will be glad to learn that your favorite series’ follow-up is announced to be released. Since the first season of the show concluded on September 7, 2022, fans have always looked for updates for the next season. We have often seen that the real reality television series get renewed within 5 to 6 months and get free after a year.

 However, the real housewives take more than a year to get released. Many people have already left with hope to watch the series. However, Bravo shocked them by confirming the release of the upcoming season. 

Nearly two years later, The Real Housewives of Dubai season two is announced to release. Fans should get ready to watch the series on June 2, 2024.

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The Real Housewives of Dubai Season 2 Cast: Who will be there in the show?

The upcoming season will witness Steven Weinstock, Glenda Hersh, Lauren Eskelin, Jamie Jakimo, Brandon Panaligan, Glenda N. Cox, Chelsey Stephens, Giovanni Wilson, and Andy Cohen as the executive producers. Fans are eager to see the newly released season with the incredible cast. The confirmation regarding the cast for the next series has been updated by the showrunner.

In the coming season, the series will welcome Caroline Stanbury, Lesa Milan, Caroline Brooks, and Dr. Sara Al Madani in the show. 

The teaser trailer for the series has already showcased these people on the screen. It will be great to see how these people will make the show exciting and incredible to watch. 

The Real Housewives of Dubai Season 2 Plot Updates: What to expect with the series?

“This year the women must balance new dynamics in the group, their demanding family lives, and their ever-growing successful businesses,” Bravo said in a release.” When alliances shift, the ladies question their loyalty to each other as some friendships are left in the desert dust.”

“Ayan is jumping on the Stan-wagon,” Milan says, boasting, “The only wagons I ride are G.”

She brings that similar wordplay to a confrontation with Caroline in another scene. “A snake will always change their skin, but they’ll always be a snake,” Milan says, as Stanbury quickly notes, “I feel the same about you, darling.”

This leaves Chanel turning her anger towards Lesa. “You’re trying to come between me and Stanbury now, that’s what you’re doing,” says Ayan. “My friendship with you is over.”

Milan doesn’t appear to be here for that. “This show is not worth it for me,” she says before Ayan storms off in tears.

The Real Housewives of Dubai Season 2 Official Trailer

As many of you have already learned about the confirmation of season two, you must have questions regarding the official trailer for the series. Bravo has officially released the first look of the series. Fans can watch season two of the series and sneak peek at the show. If you have missed the official trailer for the show, then here it is.

Where to watch the show?

If you want to watch the show, then you can stream the series on JioCinema, Amazon Prime Video, and Bravo TV. Not only this, but the series is also available on Peacock and Hayu to stream.

Fans of the reality television series can head to the platform and find some amazing series there. If you want any recommendations regarding the series on the platform, then you must check out the articles on our website, trending news buzz.

What are the ratings of the show?

Before concluding this article, it is important for you guys to go through the online rating of the show. The rating for the real television series will help you to analyze the show better.

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If you are excited to watch the next season of The Real Housewives of Dubai then you must be glad to learn that  the renewal status of the show has been made public. A lot of people are excited to watch the series and if you are one of them, you should watch the show on Bravo.

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