The Raid 3: Release Date With All Recent Details That You Can’t-Miss:

Raid 3

Pretty Sure… You have binged Raid Season 1 and 2. That’s why you want to know whether its third part is coming or not. Isn’t it?

Well, your choice is great as the article will definitely guide you regarding Raid 3. So, keep reading until you reach the note section to grab all the details.

The Raid 3: An Overview for you

The Raid is an Indonesian action thriller film. The movie was written, edited, and directed by Welsh filmmaker Gareth Evans.

First, the movie was released on 8th September 2011 at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF).

Secondly, it was launched in Indonesia on 23rd March 2012, and later it was launched in the United States on 14th August 2012 in DVD format.

The movie revolves around a gentry group that was designated to invade a high-rise building. The premises is operated by a cruel drug lord. Moreover, it was located in the slum area of Jakarta. One of them is Rama (Iko Uwais), a beginner in the team.

Is The Raid part 3 happening?

The Raid part 1 was launched on 8th September 2011 and the second part of the Raid was released on 27th March 2014. And the director Gareth Evans claimed that the third part of The Raid would be made shortly after the release of the second part.

Sadly, it seems that Evans has lost interest in the sequel of this series as there has been a total of 7 years since the release of The Raid 2.

Without the direction of Evans, we do not think that the third movie will be made.

We can assume that there is a chance that any other filmmaker could bring back the third part of the movie. Otherwise, there are no chances of the third part of the series.

So, chances are less for its comeback still if there any update regarding the renewal of the series, we will definitely share it with you. Therefore, mark our website for all the latest updates.

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The Raid 3: Cast

Even though the chances for its sequel are quite less still fans want to know about the starring members of the series if it gets renewed. Well, we can’t say anything much about the series. As the makers haven’t shown any interest in disclosing the cast members.

But for you, we have piled up a list below of the stars who performed in Raid season 1 and season 2. You can check it out.

Raid 3

  • Iko Uwais as Rama (Rama was one of the rookie members of the special forces unit who was delegated to raid Tama’s building)
  • Joe Taslim in the role of Jaka (the Sergeant who directs Rama’s unit into the raid)
  • Yayan Ruhian as Mad Dog (a proficient warrior who is the muscle behind Tama’s operation)
  • Ray Sahetapy as Tama Riyadi (a merciless drug lord who is the boss of the building)
  • Donny Alamsyah as Andi (Andi is Tama’s counselor and Rama’s elder brother)
  • Pierre Gruno as Wahyu (the Lieutenant who set out the raid to capture Tama)
  • Yang Darmawan as Gofar (he is a tenant of the building and takes care of his ill wife)
  • Tegar Satyrs as Bowo (a short-tempered member of the team who gets wounded by saving one teammate)
  • Alfred Godfred as Leader of the Michelle gang who kills the officers
  • Eka Rahmadia as Dagu (an expert combatant who protect Wahyu)
  • Henky Solaiman as Rama’s father
  • Fikka Effendi as Rama’s wife

Damn sure, you have gone through the list. Now, you can tell us, which cast members you are expecting in Raid 3. Just comment below. We are waiting.

The Raid 3: Story Plot

At the time of releasing The Raid 2, Director Evans hinted that the third part would begin right before the ending of the second part.

Eventually, in the year 2018, Evans once revealed that The Raid 3 would begin about 15 minutes prior to the ending of 2nd part.

The movie will be embarked on where Yakuza boss Goto orders a full war. Following the fight and returning to the lean and heavy action approach of the movie.

The Raid: What is the status of the series?

The Raid got a positive response from the audience and it was rated above average by these platforms- 3 out of 5 by Common Sense Media, 87 % by Rotten Tomatoes, and 7.6 out of 10 by IMDb.

Where to watch The Raid?

Well, if you haven’t binged any of the season or episodes then this section holds the utmost interest to you. Have a look where you can binge this amazing show:

The Raid is available on Netflix you can watch there or You can buy or rent it on Apple iTunes and Amazon.

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The chances of the sequel’s comeback are quite less. You have to wait a bit more until the makers reveal any information. Make sure to keep yourself updated so that can’t miss any of the updates.

We have shared everything with you regarding Raid 3. However, if you are searching for anything else concerning the same. Then also write to us in the comment section. We will help you with it.