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The Psychic Princess Season 2- Release Date, Updates


David Mudd

The psychic princess is a Chinese donghua series that takes us back to the mysterious world of ancient China. The series presents to us a world of spirits, ghosts, fairies and demons. We have truly enjoyed season 1 and can’t wait for season 2 to launch. The Psychic Princess Season 2 will be a great watch!

The series is adapted from Chinese Manhwa Tong Ling Fei or The Imperial Concubine. There are 16 episodes in season 1 and the first episode of season 1 premiered in 2018 and the fans have been wondering about it ever since.

The fans welcome the series that explores the strange mysteries of a world unknown to us.  It’s exploration of Chinese mythology and folklore is remarkable and admirable at the time. Anime and donghua both have become quite an essential mode of establishing cultural and ethnic roots. The parable-like nature of the stories, fairy land and exhilarating action sequences have kept us all looking forward to season 2.

Read on to know more about The Psychic Princess 2 , it’s plot and upcoming release date.

Plot of The Psychic Princess Season 2 

The problem occurs when the prime minister’s eldest daughter is supposed to get married to Yu Ming  Ye, an enemy prince. Just before the wedding, the minister’s daughter, Qian Shuang breaks into tears, saying she will not leave her parents to marry the cruel prince. When both parents fail to console her, the mother suddenly comes with an idea to deceive the prince to save her daughter. The Prime Minister, against his good conscience, joined in on the plan. 

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The Eldest Daughter 

Though the scene opens up showing the Prime minister’s daughter, we learn that she is not the eldest daughter. Qian Xi Yuan is Prime Minister’s adopted daughter who was sent to live in the mountains when she was very young. Her rare and somewhat strange abilities made her own family ashamed of her and they kind of shunned her. 

Her special ability was that she could see ghosts, fairies, demons and other supernatural beings. 

Now they plan to bring her back so that they could marry her off with the enemy prince who is rumoured to be cold and cruel. 

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Quan Xi’s fate 

a glimpse from The Psychic Princess Season 2
Showcasing a still from The Psychic Princess Season 2!

Qian Xi has had a rough childhood. Her family who was supposed to love her shunned and forced her to exile as she was different. They also helped her younger sister by making their eldest daughter marry the prince who was not known for his kindness. 

Even after the wedding, Qian Xi’s luck did not change all that much. The other concubines did not welcome the new arrival and made sure Qian Xi knew about it. The prince did not like her. He did not bother to show any kindness towards her, post marriage. 

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The mutual distrust of Yu Mein Ye 

The Prince, Youmein Ye, had always distrusted  Qian Xi. He always believed that his new wife is a spy who is only here to extract information. Qian Xi too was strong enough to survive on her own. She was never the typical damsel in distress and she wanted to stay from the Prince’s path. 

The later episodes show that the couple was slowly warming up to each other and trying to figure things out together.

Yu Zemo 

the main lead characters of The Psychic Princess Season 2
Showcasing the characters of The Psychic Princess Season 2!

He is a crown prince and a brother to Youmein Ye and a son to General Nan. He is nice, kind and energetic. He fell in love with Qian Xi at the very first sight. 

The fame 

The s

Season 2 

the characters of The Psychic Princess Season 2
Featuring the characters of The Psychic Princess Season 2!

Season 1 finale left quite a cliffhanger when Qian Shuang brings a Taoist exorcist who nearly kills Qian Xi’s ghost friend Sesame seed. After this Prince Ye comes in and makes the Taoist exorcist leave and shifts her to the pavilion.  

In the background, a hooded figure is shown who wants the thumb ring. This figure always seems to be around.

Season 2 is supposed to pick up from here and explain the mysteries. 

Release date of The Psychic Princess Season 2 

No official date is out yet.

The Psychic Princess Season 2  Available on 

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The donghua has created a strong fanbase within a very short time. The storyline is interesting and ended on a perfect cliffhanger.

Comment below in our comment box  if you have seen this donghua and what is your favourite moment of the series.