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The Protector Season 5: Renewed or Cancelled?

Want to watch more action and sci-fi along with fantasy drama on Netflix! If yes then you came to the right place to read and then watch Turkish fantasy and science fiction drama on Netflix.

As currently Netflix picks many reality series but The  Protector is a fiction drama in which a normal human or a boy protects Istanbul from its enemy who never dies. So he wants to save Istanbul and the story follows how he protects it.

Now all are waiting to know more about its season 5 as all are curious to know what will happen in the new installment.

If you are a fan of this protector series then you definitely love its 4 previous seasons and wondering when will its new season 5 come.

the protector season 5Umut Sral, Gonenc Uyanik, Can Evrenol, and Bureau Alptekin are the directors of the Protector Turkish series which is not only famous in Turkish but also all over the world on Netflix. All the episodes of four seasons are loved by fans and the story of the whole series is great.

Now what is the status of The Protector season 5 which follows the story around a Hakan named guy who is 20 years old and lost his stepfather.

The Protector Season 5: Renew or Cancelled?

Now all are waiting to know whether season 5 is renewed or cancelled. But at this time there is no official announcement for the new season and nothing is announced about its renewal but it doesn’t mean that season is cancelled. There are equal chances that it may be cancelled or renewed but we are expecting that the maker will surely launch its new season because its previous seasons are great to watch.

The Protector Season 5: Release Date

the protector season 5

I Know you are waiting for this section but we will update this section when they officially release its exact window date. Yet, no release date is announced for Season 5 of the Protector.

All the seasons came back to back on Netflix but why did they not release its season 5. The first season came back in December 2018 with its 10 episodes. The following year they released its season 2 in 2019 in Summers with 8 episodes.

On March 6, 2020 when the pandemic started they released its third season with 7 episodes and after some time they released its season 4. Each episode runs for 40-50 minutes on Netflix.

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Who is Going to be the Cast in The Protector Season 5?

As expected all cast will reappear in season 5 if they make the decision to make the fifth season and the main protagonist of the series will also come that is Hakan who is played by Cagatay Vlusoy and he is a 20 years old boy or a simple man who got powers later on to protect the Istanbul and he wants to open his big shop.

Levent Demir by Engin Ozturk, Leyla Sancak is played by Ayca Turan, Faysal Erdem, Ruyu’ immortal husband is played by Okan Yalabik, Zeynep Ermen by Hazar Erhuclu, Burek by Taner Olmez, Kemal Erman by Yurdaer Okur and many more cast members are there who contributed in this drama and also expected to come in new season 5.

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The Protector Season 5: Story

The story of this action and science fiction drama revolves around Hakan and the country when he lives ie. Istanbul. He has to protect Istanbul from the immortal person who wanted to destroy Istanbul and Hakan as Hakan is the last person who has the power to save Istanbul where he has a small shop and wanted a big one.

the protector season 5

Hakan is helped by two of his loyal friend named Kemal and Zeynep and he they have to fight against the immortal Faysal who wanted to destroy the country as his wife Ruya is dead and he wanted to do bring back his wife Ruya and Levent helped without knowing that he is helping Ruya to come become alive again.

In the third you have also seen Nisan who is also another immortal and she also came to take revenge. The story goes on and on and when he learnt the truth he gave the magical drink or poison to every immortal person so that they can turn into mortals.

He also came to know that Faysal is his father but to save the country he killed his own father and now Hakan and Zeynep are together and finally Istanbul is safe. So what will happen in next season, will the story continue with a new villain and again they have the task to protect the country? Let’s see what the new season will bring for all of us.

Where to Watch the Protector Season 5?

You can currently stream the previous 4 seasons of the Protector on Netflix, Justwatch,, and many other platforms where the series stream.

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The Protector Season 5: Trailer

There is no trailer for the protector season as nothing is officially confirmed about it so enjoy its fourth season and here I provided season 4 trailer which is given below-


The Protector is an amazing series to watch which earned 6.6 ratings out of 10 on IMDB while 78% on Just Watch.
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