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The Promise Episode 5 Release Date, Cast, And What to Expect From The Upcoming Episode!

Waiting for The Promise Episode 5 release date. Get all the details about the upcoming episode of this gripping series, including its release date, storyline, and cast, right here.

Release Date of  The Promise Episode 5

The fifth episode of The Promise will air the following Wednesday, March 22, 2023. The future episode's release time and date in various time zones

The Promise Episode 5 Release Time

These are the corresponding times in various time zones for a specific time and date: 8:00 pm on Wednesday, March 22, 2023, in Bangkok, Thailand; 10:00 pm on the same date in KST and JST time zones; 6:30 pm in IST time zone; 9:00 pm in PHT and MYT time zones; and 8:00 pm in Bekasi, Indonesia.

The Promise Premise

The story follows two university roommates, Phupha and Nanfah, who share a close bond and have been best friends for a long time. Despite others speculating about their relationship, both deny having any romantic feelings toward each other. However, as the sexual tension between them increases, the two friends have a major falling out.

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Several years later, they reflect on their broken friendship and hope to reconcile. This BL drama is divided into two parts, with each episode focusing on one of the protagonists and telling the love story from their perspective.

The Promise Cast

Kun Kittikun Tansuhas plays the role of Phupha, also known as Phu, in the show. Phupha is a student at a university and he shares a dorm room with his best friend Nanfah.

Kiak Wattikorn Permsubhirun plays the role of Nanfah, or Nan, who is also a university student and has been friends with Phupha for a long time. Nanfah and Phupha are roommates and share a close bond.

What Happened In The Previous Episode Of The Promise?

Phupha is practicing his lines for Romeo and Juliet in the bathroom while queasy at the beginning of The Promise Episode 4. His worried friend Nanfah rushes for his help and makes an effort to console him. The action then shifts to the present, where Phupha goes to deliver a package to Nanfah.

the promise episode 5 release date

Ken, Nanfah's supervisor, takes note of Phupha and asks him to present their project. Ken thought Phupha was the ideal candidate for the job because he had previously gained popularity for his singing video and had a straightforward and tenacious demeanor. Ken asked Nanfah if he would think about casting Phupha, and after some hesitation, Nanfah gave in.

Nanfah approached Phupha at night and asked him to be the presenter for a project at work. However, Phupha reminded Nanfah of their promise that he would never be forced to go on stage again. The Romeo and Juliet scene from the beginning of the episode was Phupha filling in for Nanfah after he injured his leg.

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Phupha suffered from stage fright and did not want to participate in any public activities or performances that would make him stand out. He explained to Nanfah that he was afraid he might jeopardize his friend's job if he took on the role of presenter. Nanfah understood Phupha's concerns and did not pressure him into doing it.

During their conversation, Phupha's relatives called him, and the two friends interacted with his family. Phupha had been keeping a secret from Nanfah that he had not been in Melbourne for the past ten years as he had previously claimed. His relatives suggested that he should come clean and tell Nanfah the truth before he found out on his own. Phupha agreed but said he would do it when the timing was right.

The following day, Nanfah informed Ken that Phupha was hesitant about being the presenter. However, Ken was firm in his decision and instructed the team to find a way to convince Phupha to take on the role. In response, the other members of the office began searching for Phupha and convincing him to join their project.

Spoiler of The Promise Episode 5

Unfortunately, at this time, there is no information available about Episode 5 of The Promise. We know that Nanfah and Phupha are the main characters of the story and have been close friends since childhood.

the promise episode 5 release date

They share a history of growing up together, as Phupha's father owned a coffee shop adjacent to Nanfah's father's pharmacy. However, after their college graduation, Phupha suddenly disappears from Nanfah's life, without any contact for the past decade.

Nanfah is left to start a new life, feeling sad and alone without his dear friend. The story revolves around how Nanfah copes with Phupha's absence and how they eventually reconnect after all these years.

Where To Watch The Promise Episode 5

You can watch The Promise in its entirety on WeTV without having to navigate through different segments. If you are located outside Thailand, you can watch The Promise on Devonte's official YouTube channel.

Anticipating The Promise 2023

The Promise 2023,  is a remake of Thai BL which will feature the same actor and have a similar plot. Hope it receives the same love as its Thai Prequel.

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