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The Prodigal Son Season 2: Release Date, Cast and More


David Mudd

The Prodigal Son is an American crime drama created by Chris Fedak and Frank Skalver. The show was released on Fox network for the first time in 2019. It was renewed for the second season. The Prodigal Son Season 2 will be a great watch for you!

When it comes to crime drama or Police Procedural drama, there is simply no shortage of it. But not a lot of shows can dare to revolve around the children of a seemingly normal psychopath serial killer. The show is pretty bold regarding the storyline it has chosen. It is indeed a scary document of how strongly and steadily psychopathic tendencies find their ways and people often become what they were always afraid to become. 

This article covers everything you need to know about this dysfunctional murderous family of  The Prodigal Son. 


The story starts when the NYPD arrests Dr Martin Whitley, a famous psychopath killer who is infamously known as the surgeon. His son, who was very young at that time, actually told the police about his father’s crimes when he accidentally found his lair. Before going to prison, a confidant. charming Whitley convinces his young children that they are more similar than they can imagine. 

The story now takes us to the present where Malcolm Bright (the titular prodigal son) becomes a forensic profiler and Ainsley his sister becomes a reporter. Years later when a copycat starts killing in the same pattern as Dr Whitly did, Malcolm meets his father to get help. The family again started to come in contact. But, this family reunion is not meant to be. The deeper we delve, the more terrifying things come out. 

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Season 2: Recap 

a glimpse from The Prodigal Son Season 2
Showcasing a still from The Prodigal Son Season 2!

Season 1 of The Prodigal Son focuses on Malcolm Bright facing his father after ten years. It is creepy how he welcomed him with that old confident smile. As the series progresses we find that even though Whitley has been separated from his family for years, his children are not free from his impact. Both children are driven, ambitious perfectionists and brilliant. 

Season 1 has multiple moments where Malcolm’s fear of ending up as a psycho killer like their father causes him to have frequent nightmares.

The show is bold and brilliant in its way of portraying the psychology and well as deepest fears of a killer’s children. Both of them carry a stigmatized identity that no one should have to bear.

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Dr Martin Whitly aka The Surgeon 

He is the infamous serial killer known as the surgeon. His character is one of the finest portrayals of murderers in Tv series ever. The charming, witty and innocent-looking middle-aged man is hard to imagine as a ruthless killer. But that is exactly what he is. 

Martin White And His Children

Malcolm is the one to discover the murders. Even after all these years, he has not got over the day when his father came close to him right before getting into the police car and told him they would figure things out together as they were similar. Malcolm puts on a tough look and tries to look at it objectively. His demons don’t make it easier.  

Malcolm is so repulsed by his father that he wishes strongly to remain unaware of the things he had done. Though his father is ready to renew the bond, he is not. Season 2 makes their relationship even more complicated. 

Season 2 shifts the focus from Malcolm’s fear to Ainsley. To the shock of the audience, Ainsley seems to have a murderous mind and she is the one who commits a ruthless murder and later loses the memory of the crime. This calls for the family to get together to handle it properly. 

Both children seem to have inherited more of their father’s qualities than they realise. 

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Jessica Whitly

the main lead actor from The Prodigal Son Season 2
Featuring the protagonist of The Prodigal Son Season 2!

Jessica is Martin’s wife and mother to Ainsley and Malcolm. After discovering the truth about her husband, she became an alcoholic. She has always lived in fear that her children might end up like their father. In season 2 her fear is proved true. She finds out about the truth that Ainsley has committed murdered. Now she must seek help from her husband.

The Cast of The Prodigal Son Season 2 

the cast of The Prodigal Son Season 2
Featuring the cast of The Prodigal Son Season 2!

Michael Seen as the Serial killer / Dr. Whitly has an amazing job. Bellamy Young’s acting prowess is well established through her role in Scandal. She seems a little suppressed here. Tom Payne is too credible as a son of a killer. Lou Diamond Phillips is aptly well in his role. Halston Sage as Ainsley Whitly has done nicely.

Release Date of The Prodigal Son Season 2 

Season 2 was released on 12 January 2021

Availability of The Prodigal Son Season 2 

It can be seen on Hulu, Prime Video, and Fox.com.


Season 2 is a close study of the psychological structure shared by parents and children. Humour and sarcasm rule the dialogue and they are used as a kind of distracting comic relief to a narrative which predominantly is…well…freaky. Nothing spells fear more than the unpredictability itself. 

The gripping tale of how the predator becomes prey and the reverse. Drop your comments below to share your thoughts regarding the series.