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We have all the details about The Problem With Jon Stewart Season 2 release date, its plot, format, and premise.”The Problem with Jon Stewart” season 2 was split into two parts, with the first part premiering in October 2022 and the second part returning on March 3rd, 2023.

Release Date Of The Problem With Jon Stewart Season 2

Jon Stewart’s well-liked talk show, “The Problem with Jon Stewart,” made a comeback this month on Apple TV+. The premiere was scheduled for March 3, 2023. The show features Jon Stewart, a celebrated comedian, political commentator, actor, director, and television host, in a commentary-style format. It first aired in 2021 for its premiere season.

When Jon Stewart’s show returns on March 3 and it will run on a different schedule than before. Instead of every other week, as it did last autumn. The show will now air weekly episodes.

Plot Of The Problem With Jon Stewart Season 2

In each episode, Jon Stewart addresses a specific issue. He begins with a sequence of jokes similar to his Daily Show monologues. About halfway through the broadcast, he has a roundtable discussion with a panel of guests. Quick pre-recorded bits also help to break up each episode’s topics.

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Stewart investigated the subject of healthcare for military veterans in the first episode of the show. Exposure to harmful pollutants created by the burning of rubbish and waste near military bases where they served overseas has resulted in a variety of health issues.

It’s no joke to bring it up. Jon Stewart has been fighting for years to address the issue. One of the show’s most moving moments happened when he sat down with a group of veterans and their partners. He discussed the overwhelming paperwork they must do in order to receive help with their medical costs, which have forced them into bankruptcy.

The Problem With Jon Stewart Season 2 Release Date

The remaining three episodes go into difficult-to-lighten areas. It threw light on situations that many of us may not have realized required immediate attention.

In the second episode, Jon Stewart tackled the issue of the growing threat of authoritarianism across the globe. He also explored how prioritizing individual freedom over sacrificing for the greater good can lead to problems, like refusing to wear masks or get vaccinated during a deadly pandemic.

The Problem with Jon Stewart: Conversation With Comedy

Before  “The Problem with Jon Stewart” Jon outlined his vision for the show in a cover story for a magazine. He stated that he wanted the show to be more of a conversation than his previous TV gig as the host of “The Daily Show” on Comedy Central.

The show will cover a single subject through round-table interviews, field pieces, and some comedy. The show will be similar to “The Daily Show,” but with some adjustments to the format. He compared “The Daily Show” to a weather report and said that he wanted to do something that was more about the climate.

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In 2020, Jon signed a multi-year deal with Apple that includes hosting and executive producing “The Problem,” as well as developing other projects through his Busboy Productions.

Trailer For The Problem With Jon Stewart Season 2

The show titled “The Problem with Jon Stewart” is a television series focusing on current affairs and hosted by Jon Stewart. The trailer for this series is available. You can watch the trailer of this series here.

Review Of The Problem With Jon Stewart Season 2

The show is still not very humorous, although there are more laughs. It is now clear that it is not trying to be funny. The jokes are mostly limited to the introduction. The majority of the series has naturally during the extensive conversation between Stewart and his guests.

The Problem With Jon Stewart Series has a Tomatometer rating of 71% on Rotten Tomatoes and a rating of 7.2/10 on IMDb. Despite mixed reviews, the show has been appreciated for its focus on important issues and its roundtable discussions.

the problem with jon stewart season 2 release date

Where to Watch The Problem With Jon Stewart Season 2?

The only way to watch “The Problem with Jon Stewart” is through AppleTV+.For now, it is not scheduled to air on traditional television networks. The show can be accessed via a free trial subscription on AppleTV+.

The Problem With Jon Stewart Is Also A Podcast

In addition to the TV show, there is a podcast called “The Problem with Jon Stewart”. It is available on Apple Podcasts and other RSS sites. The podcast has been well-received, earning nominations for awards such as the Ambie Award for Best Interview Podcast.

It won the Best Interview Podcast category at Adweek’s Podcast of the Year Awards last year. It was nominated for People’s Choice Podcast Awards in the categories of Best Male Host and Best Politics & News Podcast. The host had an official live stream on their YouTube page this season.

Jon Stewart along with being a host is also the producer of the show under his Busboy Productions. The series has prime news runner Brinda Adhikari and executive producers James Dixon, Chris McShane, and Richard Plepler. “The Problem with Jon Stewart” came back on March 3, 2023, for the second part of Season 2.


The Problem with Jon Stewart, the talk show hosted by Jon Stewart on Apple TV+, is facing difficulty in attracting viewership. Stewart had a successful stint as the host of The Daily Show for 16 years before stepping down and working on a new show with HBO, which was eventually canceled in 2017. He later signed a multi-year contract with Apple.

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