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The Passage Season 2- A Mysterious Story


David Mudd

All of you (Not all most of you) might have the query that what really The Passage Season 2 is? So, to clear your query let’s talk firstly about the overview of The Passage………..

The Passage Season 2 is an American thriller television series. The Passage was released on January 14, 2019. It is completely based on the set of three dramatic works of novels. These novels are clearly written by Justin Cronin. The creator of The Passage series is Liz Heldens. Moreover, the season one of The Passage has 10 episodes. However, the length of all the episodes is approximately 44 minutes.

I hope that you surely want to know about the story of the Passage Season 2.

Come on let’s read it with more details…….

The expectation of Passage Season 2

This television show is completely based on a book series given by Justin Cronin and it follows the life of Amy Bellafonte.

The story of “The Passage Season 2” revolves around the girl whose name is Amy. Moreover, Amy’s mother deserts her from the time when she was at the age of six. It begins very soon unless it would be later and, after some time terrestrial world which is occupied by vampire like creatures who are polluted by a serious infectious infection.

Ultimately, after a couple of days, they started a task to build up another contention that boosts a drug which would be dependent on an infection given by unnamed varieties of bat in South America. This will be helpful to turn that into the infection which is responsible for all the changes occurring in the world.

The legend begins in 2016 and continues over 90 years. It is clearly opposed by the people to live in the world which is completely filled up with superhuman animals. These are the types of animals who are continuously on the search for new blood.


It’s time to read briefly about the characters of this television series.

Characters of the Passage Season 2

It is a well known fact that cast and characters give a new direction to the television series. Attractive and most liked characters make the series more energetic and loving.

So, let’s give a sharp look to the Characters of the Passage Season 2

The star cast and characters of the show are:

  • Brad Wolgast as Mark-Paul Gosselaar
  • Amy Bellafonte as Saniyya Sidney
  • Tim Fanning as Jamie McShane
  • Nichole Sykes as Caroline Chikezie
  • Lia Kyle as Emmanuelle Chriqui
  • Shauna Babcock as Brianne Howey
  • Anthony Carter as McKinley Belcher III
  • Jonas Lear as Henry Ian Cusick
  • Clark Richards as Vincent Piazza


I know that all of you (not all most of you) have been awaiting (with full excitement) the release date of The Passage Season 2 since the first season finished in May 2019. 

When The Passage Season 2 will come?

All are waiting for the arrival of Season 2 but fans of the science fiction thriller have been left despaired. It has been decided by Fox that he will cancel the series after a single season. Any hopes of a second season were given a blank by Saniyya Sidney who is the main star. Sidney played the main role of Amy Bellafonte and was played fantastic throughout the first season.

The arrival of Season 2 is not yet confirmed. It is confirmed by Fox that the next season of The Passage i.e., Season 2 of vampire- thriller which is based on Justin Cronin’s novel would not go ahead. The series was animated on January 14, 2019 but finally, Fox cancelled the arrival of Season 2. It was cancelled on May 10, 2019.

Now the question arises and I hope that you might be wondering why this television series is cancelled by Fox?

Reason for the cancellation of second season of The Passage

There are so many reasons behind Season 2’s cancellation. Among them

Good Evaluations is one of the most significant reasons to cancel the series. Fox has cancelled this television show because the thriller got an average reviews and very low ratings.

Final Verdict

The Passage Season 2 is a vampire- thriller television series which is totally based on the life of creatures (like vampire) living in the ancient time. They faced an infectious infection. Also, in this story there is a review about a small girl (Amy). Her mother abandoned her from the age when Amy was 6 years old.