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The Outer Worlds: How Was The Game Held By Console Memory Budgets?

The Outer Worlds is an amazing game. But it has suffered some complications due to the mode that it is in. The environment around Outer Worlds has caused it several troubles now and then.

Three arent enough ways to explore it fully on PlayStation 4, the platforms that it is available in. This is similar to the fate of Fallout 4 and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. However, those games were still detailed to a certain extent.

Now that we had the maker in an interview, we got more cues on this. So stay tuned to find out the latest details about this. Also, find out what the makers have to say about the fate of the game.

The developer has revealed that the RPG experience of the game was a tad laid back. And he has blamed it on the memory constraints of the currently available consoles. Continue to read more about this.

The Outer Worlds

What Did He Say About The Game?

The makers had said that The Outer Worlds game was initially designed on three different levels. Each of the levels has a load screen. But then this was more then the consoles could handle. So the screen was made out to be more cohesive so that the environment could incorporate all the possible elements.

But then this wast a fair solution at all. This had its consequences. There had to be certain changes that had to be made to the system. The locations in the game had to undergo a serious change to blow past the memory constraints of the consoles: Xbox 1, Playstation 4.

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More About This (The Outer Worlds)

So, a lot of things had to be cut to fit entirely in the memory constraints of the available consoles. However, there were other problems associated with it. Obsidian had created a lot of on playing characters for The Outer Worlds. And this was too much for this generation hardware to handle.

This created other problems. The total number of characters had to be decreased. And things had to be changed to fit the general requirements of the hardware. The problems were that the memory budget was hard to handle. So they had to cut back on the potential of the game.

The Outer Worlds

Additional Information On The Game

Now this game The Outer Worlds created problems of its own. It has pushed PS4 to its very potential. And this is why the new PlayStation brings in hope for this game. It will allow it a lot more freedom in this corner.

So you can expect the game to show its full potential on PlayStation 5. Also, the next version will more likely launch on PX and the versions of the Xbox X series.

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