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The Other Lamb: The Creepy Cult Drama on Netflix

Young actress Raffey Cassidy in The Other Lamb has a violent look that is also curious; it asks questions that could break the glass. You might remember her presence more than anything else if you saw her in “Vox Lux” or “The Killing of a Sacred Deer,” along with her attentive intelligence and unsettling, otherworldly serenity. She portrays a teenager who grew up in an incestuous, polyamorous sex cult — part “Handmaid’s Tale,” part “Martha Marcy May Marlene” — and gradually realizes that the encounter may not be wonderful for her long-term health. She is as arresting as ever in the aesthetically stunning but dramatically jumbled chiller “The Other Lamb.”

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The story opens with Selah (Cassidy) and some of her numerous sisters walking across a mountainous landscape toward the collection of forested huts they call home. At this point, the viewer will have already reached this conclusion. The creep factor is at an all-time high by the time they are seated across from their mothers, who are all dressed in heavily symbolic red. These women are the submissive wives and daughters of a man only known as the Shepherd (Michiel Huisman from “Game of Thrones“), who will one day become their own wives. His self-proclaimed Messiah act goes much beyond his shoulder-length Jesus locks.

The release date of The Other Lamb

The release date of the movie The Other Lamb was on April 3, 2020, on the platform Hulu.

Is There a Trailer for the Movie The Other Lamb

Yes, there is a trailer for the movie The Other Lamb. Before diving into the movie, let’s check out the trailer of the movie.

Who Is in the Cast of the Movie The Other Lamb?

  • Raffey Cassidy as Selah
  • Michiel Huisman as Shepherd
  • Denise Gough as Sarah
  • Ailbhe Cowley as Tamar
  • Eve Connolly as Adriel
  • Isabelle Connolly as Eloise
  • Jane Herbert as Evelyn
  • Aislín McGuckin as Maria
  • Kelly Campbell as Hannah
  • Eva Mullen as Lily
  • Esosa Ighodaro as Leah
  • Mallory Adams as Esther
  • Irene Kelleher as Joanna
  • Gráinne Good as Lydia
  • Juliette Crosbie as Bethany
  • Zara Devlin as Tabitha
  • Phoebe Sheppard as Julia

What Is the Plot of the Movie The Other Lamb?

A teenage girl named Selah resides in a polygamist cult’s isolated forest compound. The lone guy in the gang is the Shepherd, the messianic leader of the cult. The older Wives are dressed in red, while the younger Sisters are clad in blue. The ladies are segregated into these two groups. Selah has drawn Shepherd’s notice more and more as she gets older. She often thinks about her mother, who passed away while giving birth to her.

Selah overhears a policeman telling the Shepherd that the group needs to depart one night. The Shepherd informs the women that he would be taking them on a trip to a new house. Throughout the difficult voyage, Selah starts to question his judgment.

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She imagines herself inside a car that is traveling along a road while dressed like a typical teen. She makes friends with Sarah, one of the Wives who is being punished for an unnamed fault, when they are out walking. Selah is informed by Sarah that her mother did not pass away after delivering but rather contracted an ailment and passed away as a result of Shepherd’s refusal to allow her to seek medical help. Even though Sarah freely says she doesn’t believe in the Shepherd, she stays since she has nowhere else to go. Selah is forced to live in seclusion with Sarah during her first period because having her period renders her “impure.”

the other lamb

One of the Wives experiences preterm labor due to the challenging climb, and she gives birth while still alive. Sarah informs Selah that she is taking the infant, to whom Shepherd had intended to leave in the desert since they were “born incorrectly,” after the funeral. According to Sarah, the Shepherd intended to leave the child behind because “there will only be one ram in a herd.” Selah’s respect for the Shepherd is further diminished when, in the meantime, he beats Tamar, one of the Sisters, out of frustration.

When the group reaches a valley with a sizable lake, the Shepherd proclaims that this will be their new Eden. The voyage has weakened the Sisters’ faith, but the Shepherd rebaptizes everybody. He summons Selah to his tent that night, where he rapes her. She imagines the Sisters assassinating the Shepherd. The Sisters find the Wives missing when they awaken the following morning. When they arrive at the lake, the Shepherd is knelt by the wives’ garments. He informs them that the Sisters must take the place of the Wives because they have entered a new life. He is confronted by Selah, who exclaims, “You are not our shepherd!” She strikes back at him after he slaps her.

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Police officials eventually come across the Wives’ bodies washed up on the lake’s coast. The Shepherd’s dead body is also found there, hanging between two trees with a ram’s horns on his head like a faun. Selah leads the Sisters as they assemble near a waterfall.

What Is the Final Verdict on the Movie The Other Lamb?

The Other Lamb, sadly, ranks among the worst movies I’ve seen in 2021. Even if the actual story they portray were condensed into a 20–30 minute short film, it might feel lengthy. They merely take no action at all. The protagonist of most scenes spends long stretches of time simply staring. So, don’t stream it.

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