The Order Season 3 Release Date: Cancelled or Renewed?


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The following are spoilers for The Order. Season two of The Order follows up where the first left off, with the Knights on a journey. This is done in order to reclaim their memories from the Order. With lethal magicians, cults, and demons (oh my!) on hand to thwart them. It was going to be anything but straightforward. Has the second installment of the series left the door open for more? Will the struggle be fought and done by the conclusion of season two. Or will Jack, Alyssa, and the others have more to offer? Everything you need to understand about The Order Season 3 is right here.

When Will the Order Season 3 Air?

The Order Season 3 destiny was left out in the air, but executive producer Chad Oakes stated during a virtual Comic-Con@Home panel. That they hope to learn more about the show’s future “in the next few weeks”. He went on to say, “The fan and audience response has been tremendous”. “Thank you very much to everyone who came out to see”. The love is evident in all of the blogs, reviews, and other materials. As a result, we’re cautiously hopeful, and we’re hoping for some positive news soon.”

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Unfortunately, the program’s creator, executive producer, and writer Dennis Heaton announced on Twitter. That the series would not be renewed for The Order Season 3. They expressed homage to all who contributed to the project. “I had the opportunity of working on The Order for @netflix for two seasons with a fantastic cast and team. It has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my professional life. We will not be back, but I will always remember you.

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We won’t be back, but I’ll always treasure the memories and the props I took. He wrote, “Thank you, everybody, for watching”. Heaton also hinted at what would have happened if The Order had returned. Further claiming that Jack planned to revive Alyssa from the grave but that she would “come back wrong”. “Like, Pet Sematary is incorrect. Zucchini is most likely the owner. He writes, “And a whole lot of other bodies were coming back with her”.

What Do the Creators of the Movie Say About?

That was going to be a lengthier haul, but she’d get it back. He said in response to a fan who questioned if Vera would regain her magical abilities. And may God protect us all…” He expressed his desire to return to the world of The Order to another fan, saying, “In the back of my mind, I’m hoping for a ten-year reunion movie.

I had an absolutely BLAST portraying Gabrielle,” actress Louriza Tronco, who portrayed Gabrielle, tweeted. Thank you for a fantastic two seasons, cast, crew, creative/executive team, and most importantly, fans. “I wish we could have kept the magic going, but I believe everything occurs for a purpose, and I’ll always be connected to the #TheOrder family”. At the very least, I don’t have to feel bad about stealing all of The Order’s mugs from the workplace. “Thank you for being a part of the trip, and I love you guys.

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However, there is still hope! Season one premiered in early March 2019, and season two will premiere on June 19, thus it’s still a new IP. The program’s devoted fans and showrunner’s continued excitement for the show might lead to it being picked up by another network in the future. We’ll keep you updated if this occurs, so bookmark us for future news and scoops. We obviously have no clue when it returns as a consequence of all of this. Something that is difficult with canceled programs at the best of times but particularly so given Everything That Is Going On Right Now.

Who’s in the Cast of the Order Season 3?

In season two, Alyssa (Sarah Grey) had a bad time when Gabrielle attacked her in werewolf form, nicknamed Midnight. Her neck had been cut, and she was last seen being taken into the wilderness by Jack with the mystical tome Vade Maecum. That would be the last of her in any other universe. And creator Dennis Heaton jokes (via Syfy) that “humans die when werewolves tear out their necks”. But in The Order Season 3, everything is possible, so we’d expect to see Alyssa again if the program is saved. Will she, however, revert to her former self?

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Jack Morton (Jake Manley), Vera Stone (Katharine Isabelle), Lilith Bathory (Devery Jacobs), Randall Carpio (Adam DiMarco), Nicole Birch (Anesha Bailey), Gabrielle Dupres (Louriza Tronco), Hamish Duke (Thomas Elms), and others are among the cast members. Alpha has been named as the sixth werewolf and commander of the Knights of Saint Christopher, but we have yet to see him. Will he, along with a slew of other new characters, make an appearance in season three if another network picks up the program?

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We know The Order loves to bring in a few guest stars, and Devery Jacobs shared who she’d want to see on the program during Comic-Con@Home: “At one point, Randall mentions Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez being rumored to be a member of the Order, and I’m all, “AOC!” I’m all set to see it.” Another concept came from Chad Oakes, who also created Van Helsing. “Sorry that didn’t work out on Van Helsing, but how about The Order?” he replied, looking into his camera and addressing Cher (yep, Cher).

What Will Happen in the Order Season 3?

The fate of Alyssa, who was mentioned before, was one of the key threads left dangling at the end of season two. But, if season three arrives, there will be a slew of other important issues to be answered. Vera is currently powerless, at least for the time being. If By Space, I’m Talking to Three, “Vera is definitely going to have to rely on Hamish a lot moving ahead, and now that her power is gone… the people around her will be crucial to her survival,” Katharine Isabelle stated. “Vera will have to play a really clever game… “Perhaps she’ll have to flee.”

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On the other hand, Isabelle appeared sure that Vera would be able to reclaim her magical skills. “Vera will go to any length to reclaim her magical abilities. It is her existence.” Gabrielle, on the other hand, is a unique individual. If Alyssa is pulled back from the edge (and we have no doubt she will be), we anticipate her to pay Gabrielle a visit, and we expect it to be nothing short of vicious.

The program doesn’t shy away from giving its female characters some very substantial tales, but it doesn’t stop there. “Sometimes people stop at establishing these Strong Female Characters, and they don’t fill them out entirely and make them compelling,” Katharine Isabelle remarked of the show’s female characters (via Syfy).

Having a Conversation with Three “I know Jack’s greatest emphasis will be trying anything he can to get Alyssa back,” Jake Manley told If By Space about his aspirations for his character in season three. To accomplish so, I believe he’ll need assistance from individuals with whom he doesn’t particularly want to interact or work.

“I also believe that if Alyssa can be brought back, it will come at a significant cost.” It will be fascinating to watch what that expense results in.”

How Will the Season Conclude?

In our season two conclusion explained, we go through all of this and more, as well as how it sets up the next chapter. But one thing we can be certain of is that showrunner Dennis Heaton values each and every character equally. “When we make a season of TV, it’s always vital to me that every character has their own narrative and that nobody is just there to be an extension for another character,” he told TV Goodness.

“With the season arc this year, there was a very particular goal that we conclude in a position where all of our characters are establishing new connections, but [they] come at the price of the old ones,” he continued. Season three will consist of the following: “I believe we’re on our way to Hell… I’m not sure if this is The Order season 3 or even 4, but I believe there will be a judgment day/day of reckoning at some point.”


First and foremost, we require vital rejuvenation. Expect a lot more of the same if it gets the green light.