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The One Show, Matt Baker: Matt Baker Will Not Be Replaced As Host, Final Show Confirmed


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Okay Matt Baker fans, we know you were sad when you heard that the Matt Baker would not be in the next episode. The makers made it clear that the next episode of The One Show will not replace Matt and they will continue to make the show with him. This was just a rumour, and now they cleared it out for the fans. This was important because the fans can get angry, and that can result in low TRP.

The One Show Will Not Replace Him But They Will Try To Shoot It From His Home:

Matt is in quarantine after one of his family members showed symptoms for COVID-19. He is isolated and cannot go for the shoot. Matt is about to leave The One Show and start looking at other opportunities. He wants to spend time with his family and wants to tuck in his kids to bed. He is with The One Show since 2011, and he did all that he can for the show. Finally, this is his time to leave.

The One Show

This is something that will hurt the fans as he was a great host. The makers are searching for a new co-host, and they are thinking about choosing someone from their other representers. This is the right choice as someone new might face difficulty to learn the concept of the show.

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Matt Baker Will Work Even In HIs Quarantine:

Matt Baker is a man who stays dedicated to his work. Because he is in quarantine, he cannot go to out for the shoot, and that’s when the makers decided to shoot his part at his home. It is perfectly fine because the makers are also worried about their show’s TRP. What if Matt or someone from the crew gets the virus? What if Matt is already positive? This was just a joke, please don’t kill us.

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World Wants Something To Smile In This Scary Situation:

The One Show

Matt is the person who always puts a smile on the faces on the viewers. He is a guy who has a unique style of anchoring. The world will miss him after his exit from the show. This is what is best for him though, we wish him best of luck.

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