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The Nut Job 3: Release date | Plot | Platforms

the nut job season 3 poster

The Nut Job 3 Official Poster

Whenever you imagine an animated movie, it might make you feel as if it is any good entertainment watching it at all. Animated movies have long been considered for children but it only makes sense that we snap out of this belief. The Nut Job 3 is the nuttiest movie you could ever watch.

The good thing about animated movies is that they put out nail-biting adventurous stories in a light and immersive setting. We have watched various great action-adventure movies that don’t let us feel that the characters are just projections and not real people. One such great movie is The Nut Job 3.

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About The Nut Job 3

A still from The Nut Job 3

The Nut Job franchise belongs to the heist-comedy genre and was 3D animated. The first movie in the series was the costliest ever animated movie produced to date in South Korea when it was released in 2014 as it had a whopping budget of $48 million. 

The movie had Redrover International, ToonBox Entertainment, and Gulfstream Pictures as its producers.

The movie was a commercial success as it collected a brilliant $120.9 million throughout the world. After the Nut Job was released, another installment for the series as The Nut Job- Nutty by nature was released in the year 2017.

The movie was inspired by a short animated movie released back in 2005 called ‘Surly Squirrel’, which was also made by the director of The Nut Job, Peter Lepeniotis, who co-wrote the film too.

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The plot of The Nut Job 1

So before we discover the story of the Nut Job 3, we must know what all happened before the storyline of the 3rd installment ensues.

Surly, a purple-colored squirrel, and Buddy, a mute rat, live in the imaginary Oakton City’s Liberty Park, where their propensity to steal has labeled them exiles. Raccoon along with his bright assistant is in charge of a group of city animals who are running out of food for the impending winters. 

Surly and Buddy thus compete against the red squirrel Andie and magnificence-hungry grey squirrel Grayson to steal from a peanut cart being carried by bank investigators Fingers and Lucky. Because of these squirrels’ antics, the Propane barrel on the cart in the parked cart exploded when Fingers’ pug Precious bit its cable. 

The wagon eventually damages and fires the tree where the animals bury their food. Post this incident, Surly is sent away and his friend Buddy tags along with him too.

After the banishment, Surly and Buddy’s collective sufferings on the streets come to an end when they lay eyes on a nut store to rob. She organizes an arrangement to assist Surly in his theft for all the community since she has no other alternatives, even though Surly means to violate it. 

There is much more going on, too, with the nut shop serving as a cover for bank robbers, and Raccoon having his purpose to maintain his position. Surly is tested in ways he never imagined amid the coming chaos, and he discovers the true reward to be found in this quest.

The plot of The Nut Job 2

A still from the nuttiest, The Nut Job 2

The second installment only added to the good and gripping storyline. In this movie, a Surly squirrel and his gang assemble to protect their home, the Liberty Park from the Mayor’s hands, who wants to convert it into a giant amusement park. They get major help from Mr. Feng, a mouse who knows Kung-Fu.

The last movie ended with Frankie and Precious having cute kids, while on the other hand, the previous movie’s villain, Raccoon can be seen swimming to the shoreline with sharks at his tail. This piques the desire of the spectator for a sequel because he will almost certainly take retribution on Surly and Grayson for eliminating him as the animal’s head.

The plot of The Nut Job 3

A still from the Official Trailer Of Nut Job 3 starring Surly Squirrel

The new movie can have many themes and designs but it is predicted to be different from its other 2 parts. One could watch Andie and Surly wedding that can further bring more liveliness to the movie. Racoon can be back causing problems. The Nut Job 3 can be an extremely entertaining watch considering the impending challenges.

The cast 

A movie cannot succeed without a stellar star cast. When it comes to animated series, the stars are the voice-over actors who push life into the moving projections. The nut job has been one such movie with an amazing cast of actors that have voiced the amazing characters.

One can expect most of the old characters to make an appearance and thus the previous actors can also come back aboard to voice them. Pr, Will Arnett as Surly, Liam Neeson as Raccoon, Brendan Fraser as Grayson, Katherine Heigl as Andie, Jeff Dunham as Mole, Gabriel Iglesias as Jimmy, and Jackie Chan as Mr. Feng have already lent their voices to the roles. It would be exciting to hear them again.

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The Nut Job 3 release date

Since the last 2 movies were a blast, people have been eagerly waiting for the third movie eagerly. ‘The Nut Job 3′ is surely in the works since it is one of Korea’s most advantageous enterprises. As a result, the third part is unquestionably beginning. Neither of the producing companies has set a release date. There have been no updates on the film’s production.

However, it was still in the pre-production stage. As of now, no formal release announcement has been made. The third installment of ‘The Nut Job’ was slated to launch theatres in 2021. Till now, there has been no fixed information as to when it will be released or where it could be watched. With the ongoing pandemic situation, the release and further

production might face even more delays. Still, we can only hope for its release soon so that we can know what’s in store.


Animated movies in the past like Kung-Fu Panda, Up, Frozen, and many other great movies have created a space in the hearts of the people, and thus The Nut Job 3 has the potential to do great. 

Drop down any questions or suggestions that are surfing continuously in your mind in the comment section below. And Stay tuned for further updates about this awesome movie.

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