The Netflix’ Enter if You Dare- Halloween Treat Gets Another Candy Titled “ High Brow Horror”



Netflix added one more category HIGH BROW HORROR in the 2023 Halloween collection.

Are you exploring the Enter If You Dare Collection on Netflix this Halloween season? If yes, I have a good news for all. Netflix has one more category named HIGH BROW HORROR. As the name gives off a hint of what might be in its clutches, we will explore all the movies and series here. The category is stacked up with horror thrillers which truly sends the shivers down the spine and are incomparable in the horror genre.

Now that I have boasted so much, all of you must be wondering about the fear jerkers. The collection is, indeed, a horror-thriller playground. Let’s see the potential of every player .

Black Mirror


Love, Death & Robots

The Devil All The Time

Halloween Kills




Junji Ito Maniac: Japanese Tales of the Macabre


A Classic Horror Story

The Perfection

His House

Castle Rocks


Last Night In Soho

Ghost Stories



El Conde

October 1


Midnight Mass

The Girl in the Mirror

New Saudi Voices

Under The Shadows

The Forest of Love 

The Forest of Love: Deep Cut

Get Out

My Blood and Bones in a Flowing Galaxy

Now, I will take you on a quick tour of the featured movies and the collection that has the potential to stop your heart for a while. We have also unravelled more categories of Netflix’ Halloween Collection. Explore This Place is Evil for Heart Pounding Thrills.

First on the list is Black Mirror. This anthology series has won 6 Emmys. The 6 seasons of the series immerse the viewers in every possible imagination of humans about technology. From memory implants to real life virtual gaming. You will also see a dating app that puts expiration dates to every relationship. Stream Black Mirror only on Netflix. 

The Netflix’ Enter if You Dare- Halloween Treat Gets Another Candy Titled “ High Brow Horror”

Two Marvel heroes and a DC hero come together in The Devil All The Time, not in their respective roles (obviously). Tom Holland, Sebastian Stan and Robert Pattinson are the residents of a postwar town full of brutality and corruption. All fighting to protect themselves and loved ones from the sinister characters that converge around the town. Watch The Devil All The Time on Netflix and feel the love and chills all at once.

Another movie on board is Annihilation. This mind bending tale depicts the life of a wife, When her husband vanishes during a secret mission. Biologist Lena ( Natalie Portman)  joins an expedition into a mysterious region sealed off by the U.S. government to find her beloved. Will she be able to find her beloved? Quench all your curiosities by streaming Annihilation on Netflix. 

This category features a movie from Nollywood. For those who don’t know what Nollywood is, Nollywood is the Nigerian film industry. The entry is October 1. This thriller is set in the backdrop of Nigeria’s looming independence from Britain. Detective Danladi Waziri is on the hunt to capture a killer, a terrorizing local woman. Not satisfied with this? Then these  old horror thriller movies  will definitely make you go frenzy all over.

HIGH BROW HORROR also features a Japanese drama based on a hit novel in My Blood and Bones in a Flowing Galaxy. This live-adaption of Yuyuko Takemiya’s best selling novel shows an offbeat and ominous love story between two high schoolers. One of them has a dark secret. Will their love be able to blossom despite the thorn of the secret? Watch the thriller drama on Netflix.

Struggles of a single woman and too in a war torn country!  Watch the enticing story of a Tehran woman caring for her daughter, while her husband is at war is gradually convinced evil spirits are at work in her beloved home. Stream Under the Shadow on Netflix. Submerge yourself into Netflix new category of Witchcrafts & The Dark Arts.

Circle is a suspenseful thriller in which a group of strangers is waiting for their execution. An opportunity is given to them to choose one person worthy to be spared. Whom will they choose or the chosen one will be worthy enough to be spared? Watch this sci-fi horror thriller Circle on Netflix.

Sci-Fi horror thrillers, post-war horror themes and fantasy horror, all kinds of themes find their place in HIGH BROW HORROR. The collection is truly jammed with horror thrillers. Take a break and immerse yourself in movies like Get Out, Retched and many more on Netflix. Dive into the entire collection on Netflix by clicking here for a Complete Roadmap for the ENTER IF YOU DARE collection on Netflix.

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