The Much Awaited Winter Recap 2023 on YouTube Music is Finally Here!


Swarnali Datta

How about you get a seasonal report of all the songs that you’ve listened to during the winter of 2022? It might range from the cosiest songs to the fun and frolicking tune of Jingle Bells! Might sound like a survey but trust me it’s fun to revisit those songs and maybe feel proud or cringe about your music taste!

Rewind or recap features are introduced by several music streaming services each year to help the listeners in understanding their music preferences better. Following in the footsteps of Spotify Wrapped, YouTube Music has established its own annual custom of providing subscribers with personalized recaps of the past year.

However, here’s a certain twist- YouTube Music has made the feature seasonal so that the listeners can periodically review your listening habits. These recaps have come a long way in letting people share their music preferences with near and dear ones. The recent recap that has been launched is Winter Recap 2023.

So, how can you check your Winter Recap 2023 on YouTube Music?

Once you open the app, the very first thing that one sees is “Your Winter Recap is here”. Click “Get your recap” to view all the information you require. You can also have a look at your favourite musicians, songs, albums, and genres. Similar to previous recaps, this one also has an Instagram story-like appearance and enables you to view various information on each page.

The “stories” conclude with a page that provides you with the statistic on “total time” in minutes. It also emphasizes your “favourite live performance of the winter.” Each page is simple to share or store.

Apart from this, another really cool feature of YouTube Music is the incorporation of musical photo albums from Google Photos. It plays your favourite winter songs and shows an image from your gallery. As soon as the recap is public, the Winter Recap Playlist is also expected to be released. Resultantly, before spring arrives, you will be able to listen to a playlist with all of your favourite songs as well as a few more suggestions.

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But what if you’ve missed or dismissed the Recap?

If you had already seen the Winter Recap in your YouTube Music app but unintentionally ignored it, you can still view the Winter Recap popup by going to the “Your Recap” menu in the profile section. And if you wish to go further back in time and listen to your favourite songs from earlier years, you can browse playlists from your prior YTM recaps in this section.

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To sum it up

Technology is a dynamic sphere with new features rolling in every now and then. YouTube’s music streaming application also keeps adding new features. The company revealed last month that it would soon enable podcasts on YouTube Music. According to a new feature, you can now automatically download the songs you’ve just played. 

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