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The Most Secure Browsers Best Suited for Anonymous Surfing

Your web browser is like a vehicle that takes you to the websites you want. Your web browser has a complete understanding of where you've been visited and what you've clicked on. Anyone who has access to your web browser may see how much money you spend, which political party you belong to, and what sexual preferences you have.

That's why the browsers you choose will safeguard and enhance your online privacy. This article contains details on the popular browsers' abilities to capture so much information, as well as which browsers will be able to keep your browsing history protected from data-hungry tech corporations and marketers in 2021.

When you are using the internet, your primary portal to the web is through your browser, thus switching to a more secure browser will protect your privacy. You need to do more than just enable private browsing in your current browser. Anonymous browsing requires a new browser.

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Anonymous browsers best suited for anonymous browsing free

Here are some of the most secure anonymous browsers best suited for anonymous browsing free.

Tor browser

Which browser is best for anonymous browsing? Tor is the greatest choice if you want anonymous browsing and value your privacy the most. It is based on Firefox but has been modified and calibrated to operate on the Tor network. When you use Tor, you encrypt your traffic three times before it reaches your website, and it bounces between three Tor servers. The encryption is processed in such a manner that only one set of instructions is available to every server so that no server can access both your IP address and the website that you visit.

To prevent Tor from keeping records of your online behaviour, the browser deletes your cookie cache and browsing history each time you end your session. To avoid fingerprinting, the anonymous browser has been designed to block all sorts of trackers.

While it also disables a number of plugins used by websites. One simple and easy example of how this completely private browser protects your privacy is that when JavaScript is blocked, it becomes impossible to track your browsing history.

User information may be exposed via JavaScript, but if you prevent it, websites will become unusable. Using Tor can also mean performing endless CAPTCHA verifications on the bigger sites you attempt to visit. Because of the additional encryption, the Tor browser is slower than other browsers.


The third most popular browser on the Internet is Mozilla's Firefox, available under an open-source license. Mozilla has taken use of its resources to enhance Firefox's privacy safeguards during the last several years.

This year's releases have included new and more effective tracking protection features, which has made it much more difficult for third-party trackers to collect data on their activities throughout the Internet. Does firefox have VPN? Firefox can become even more secure if you install the firefox VPN extension from VeePN.

The VPN Firefox extension will hide your IP address and help you browse anonymously, and make your surfing more secure. You can visit the VeePN website and ask them for a free trial setup, I am sure you will be satisfied with their product.

Unlike the Brave browser, the standard Firefox does not use to disable advertisements. Though there are browser extensions you may download that will prevent marketers from accessing your information or displaying advertisements, there are many ad-blocking extensions that you can also install to avoid this.

Instead, if you mainly use your mobile device to access the Internet, Firefox Focus includes ad-blocking built-in. While it was created to prevent banner ads on Safari, Focus became a simple web browser for Android users.


To make privacy accessible to everyone, the Brave browser was developed. It is an open-source complete private browser built on top of Chromium, an open-source version of chrome browser, so you can easily switch from Chrome to Brave browser.

Brave does not gather any data about your internet activities. Unlike Chrome, it does not log your personal information. The data is secure on your device.

It is possible to block trackers using the Brave browser. With Brave, users can install any number of plugins and browser extensions and choose the ones they want. HTTPS Everywhere is built-in, so all your connections are encrypted. Also included in Brave is web browser fingerprinting protection.

The company has an additional social mission: to push online publishers to use advertising methods that do not depend on cookies to track people across the internet. The brave team has developed a mechanism that allows you to reward the creators and websites you visit.

This project is known as Brave Rewards, and it utilizes a currency called a Basic Attention Token, which allows you to reward websites you often visit anonymously.

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Epic Browser

Epic Browser uses no unique onion network, but it instantly blocks most of the methods often used to violate your privacy while using the internet.

For example, your browser's history is not saved, there is no DNS pre-fetching, third-party cookies are disabled, web and DNS caches are unavailable, and autofill is not available.

Closing a browser session deletes all related databases, preferences, and other data stored in Flash and Silverlight, such as pepper data.


Opera used to be overall a pretty good completely private browser. And then, what? The Opera browser has changed since the internet browser was sold to a Chinese corporation for $600 million in 2016. When you use the free VPN, your data is gathered by the service. In addition, the privacy policy was revamped and subsequently took a turn for the worse.

How to protect yourself online

Here are the top ways you can keep yourself protected while using the internet.

Use Strong Passwords

A good password should be easy to remember yet difficult to crack or decode.

Look for Encryption

The trusted security lock symbols and the additional “s” at the end of the URL “http.”

Install Security Suites

Security suites contain measures to protect against software installed secretly while you are online, such as spyware, viruses, and phishing scams.

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Turn on Web Browser Blacklisting

Only trustworthy, secure sites will be made accessible to you under this configuration.


When you select your web browser, your online privacy may be greatly affected, so how can I browse without being tracked? It is possible to prevent web-based trackers and companies from recording and collecting information about your every digital move using one of the completely private browsers listed above.

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