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The Most Addictive Games on Android

There are a huge number of good games on Android, but only a few of them you want to return to again and again. Why are some smartphone games so addictive? Perhaps, the gameplay allows us to enjoy a title in short bursts, so we keep coming back to it whenever we have a spare minute? Or, maybe, its gameplay is so complex and engaging that it’s impossible to tear yourself away from the screen?

After the long-awaited Hytale release, you’ll also want to keep coming back to this game.

We have compiled the top of the most addictive games for Android, which will help you pass the time in a traffic jam or during a work break.

Alto’s Odyssey

Alto’s Odyssey is often included in the ratings of the best mobile applications, and there are some reasons for that. In terms of aesthetics, this game is almost unmatched. In AO, the player glides across desert sands, trying to last as long as possible. The gameplay is not stressful at all, so you can spend dozens of minutes in Alto’s Odyssey and not notice the flow of time. The presence of several characters with their own style of gameplay adds variety. Among other things, in Alto’s Odyssey, there is no ubiquitous donation, constantly asking the user to open the wallet. All of this makes this game one of the best ways to relax with a mobile in hand, which is why it is always something a player wants to come back to.

Pokemon Go

In 2016, Pokemon Go became a true phenomenon. For many, Pokemon Go made a childhood dream come true, allowing kids to hunt “pocket monsters” in the real world and battle other trainers. Unlike most other gaming tie-ins, Pokemon Go encourages you to go out in search of rare Pokémon for your team. Pokemon Go has been one of the most popular games on the phone for years because no other developer has been able to create anything similar. There’s a constant urge to return to it because there are no alternatives on the market!

Asphalt 9: Legends

When it comes to racing on the phone, the Asphalt series always stays at least in the top three. Great graphics and non-stressing arcade gameplay put this game on par with the major titles on consoles and PC. Asphalt 9 has a huge amount of content for mobile games. Numerous maps and modes, as well as the developed multiplayer mode, will please every fan of racing games. Also, Asphalt does not get boring for a long time thanks to a large set of cars that one can open, winning in a variety of races.

Candy Crush Saga

You can’t imagine a list of addictive games without Candy Crush! Candy Crush Saga is much like Bejeweled – the classics of the genre. The player needs to put three or more of the same candy in a row, earning points. To pass the level, you need to get a certain number of points, and you have to do it in a certain number of moves, otherwise, you have to start over. Simple and clear gameplay allows any user to enjoy CCS, even if it is the first time they are holding a cell phone in their hands. Candy Crush Saga is, no doubt, one of the most addictive games on Android. Plus, it is completely free to download, so no wonder it has gained such vast popularity.

PUBG Mobile

The battle royale genre has gained worldwide recognition largely due to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. There were times when the game was available only to those who had a PC. But today, the revolutionary game is also available on mobile devices. The Android version has almost everything that is present in the “full” client. The main thing that has been transferred from the PC is a massive battle involving hundreds of players.

The only disadvantage of PUBG Mobile is rather high system requirements. Yet, the owners of powerful gadgets will drag this title for dozens of hours, and thus this game can be classified as one of the Best Games.

Game Dev Tycoon

Whoever thought a game about work could be so captivating? Game Dev Tycoon lets you feel like a video game developer who needs to develop their studio. Strategy and planning play a major role. First, you need to write an interesting story for your product, draw beautiful graphics and compose a suitable soundtrack, and then start development, full of pitfalls.

This is another one of those games that have successfully migrated from PC to mobile devices. Unlike many other similar projects, Game Dev Tycoon is perfect for tablets and smartphones.

Sonic the Hedgehog Classic

The legendary arcade game about the adventures of the heroic blue hedgehog came out on mobile devices several years ago. Everyone who has played this classic knows how hard it is to tear yourself away from the screen. The ringing of collected rings and the breathtaking speed of the gameplay – running after Sonic is as much fun today as it was 30 years ago. If you have a desire to dive headfirst into a sea of nostalgia, you will not find a better game. The only problem is the control because the original game was designed for console controllers. So, it will take some time to get used to the control.


One of the simplest by principle and, at the same time, fascinating games for Android. The player controls two balls, which must be brought to the finish line, passing levels one by one. If you make a mistake, the balls fall and crash to the floor, marking the spot of last defeat. If the ball breaks, the player is immediately transferred to the beginning and can try again. It is because of the ability to quickly re-play levels Duo is so addictive.

Campaign mode can be downloaded for free, but for the other modes, one has to pay. Duet does not load hardware, so it will run even on relatively old gadgets.

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