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Is The Mentalist Likely To Return For A Season 8?- Everything You Need To Know!

Will the fans see The Mentalist Season 8? Will there be a renewed season for one of CBS’s most loved crime dramas? Well, these questions have been surfacing the internet for a while now and the fans seem to expect a season 8. But is it really happening? Let us take a look! 

In this article we have gathered all the latest news for The Mentalist Season 8. Whether CBS cancelled the series or not? If season 7 left room for a next season or not? And many more! Just keep reading this article till the very end and we will make sure that you don’t go disappointed. 

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About The Show- The Mentalist

Created by Bruno Heller, The Mentalist made its debut on CBS with its first season on the 23rd of September, 2008. It is an American crime drama television series that features the journey of Patrick Jane (played by Simon Baker), who is a crime consultant. He fakes his identity to get the job because the main motive behind this was to search for ‘Red John’, the maniac who brutally killed his wife and daughter. 

The first season of The Mentalist received a thumping 15.6 million views across the globe. And then it never stopped! Yes, the series continued for seven seasons with a total of 151 episodes, and at the same time received a lot of love from the audience, thus making it one of the number one crime drama shows of CBS. 

But the question lies, is there The Mentalist Season 8

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Quick Info About The Mentalist

Creator: Bruno Heller

Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller, Action 

Composer: Blake Neely

Production Company: Warner Bros. Television, Primrose Hill Productions

Distributor: Warner Bros. Television Distribution

Original Network: CBS

No. of Seasons: 7

No. of Episodes: 151

First Aired: September 23, 2008

Last Aired: February 18, 2015

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The Mentalist Cast

Before we jump into the questions for season 8, let us take a quick look at the cast and characters of The Mentalist. Here is the main cast list for you:

  • Simon Baker stars as Patrick Jane.
  • Robin Tunney stars as Teresa Lisbon.
  • Tim Kang stars as Kimball Cho.
  • Amanda Righetti stars as Grace Van.
  • Joe Adler stars as Jason Wylie.
  • Rockmond Dunbar stars as Dennis Abbott.
  • Owain Yeoman stars as Wayne Rigsby
  • Josie Loren stars as Michelle Vega
  • Emily Swallow stars as Kim Fischer

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Did CBS Cancel The Mentalist Season 8? 

The Mentalist has always retained its top position on the lists of crime drama series during the seven years of its premiere. But is it true that CBS cancelled the show? Or there could be other reasons behind this? Let us find out.

When the series first premiered, the concept of a psychic solving crimes instantly catched the audience’s attention because it started off on this very interesting note. But over the years, the viewership started to go down the graph. One of the reasons behind this was the over indulgence of the character ‘Red John’ which gradually transformed into a boring plotline, thus dropping the viewership to 8 million. The numbers aren’t bad though when juxtaposed to other shows, but with CBS as the streaming platform, the expectations have always been high. 

It was not like the makers did not put efforts to save the sinking viewership but it seems that they were not enough to change CBS’s mind. Hence, CBS cancelled the show before we could see The Mentalist Season 8

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Did Season 7 Leave Room For The Mentalist Season 8?

In the year 2014, after the premiere of the seventh season, the home network CBS announced the cancellation of The Mentalist Season 8. The last premiere season concluded with a perfect adieu to all the important characters. The makers also smoothly tied up all the loose knots in the 13-episode season 7, which means that there is no room left for The Mentalist Season 8. It was a happy ending for all!

This of course made the audience confused because the makers just made a creative improvement in season 6, but only to end the series in the next season? The reason was quite understood- CBS wanted to lure its lost viewers for the series finale. And surprisingly, it worked quite well! Fans even started an online petition to bring back the show. But should they be hopeful? 

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Should The Fans Await The Mentalist Season 8? 

Even after almost seven years of the show’s cancellation, fans are still hoping that there will be The Mentalist Season 8. But is it really going to happen? Let us find out.

We know that The Mentalist has hooked the audience and after the cancellation of the series, fans were disappointed. But as of now, neither CBS nor the makers of the show has made any statements about season 8. CBS is working on other shows and so the possibilities of The Mentalist Season 8 are very, very little. 

There has been no confirmation about the renewal status of the show. But as far as the creator is concerned, Bruno Heller seems to be totally up for a reunion of its cast members because he just loved working with them. This could serve as a little ray of hope for the fans.

The viewership of The Mentalist declined from 15.6 million to 8 million, and then again rose to great heights becoming viewers’ favourite again. So maybe the creators and the streaming network thought about it. But at the same time, it should be kept in mind that the chances for The Mentalist Season 8 are very low. 

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Summing It Up

That was all that we had to offer for The Mentalist Season 8. We hope it was helpful. Tell us if you would wish to see a renewed season or not in the comment section below. Till then, happy reading!

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