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The Medium: A Next-Gen Horror Game With A Split-Worlds Theme, From The ‘Blair Witch’ Team


David Mudd

The Medium is a next-gen horror game with a split-worlds theme, from the studio behind Blair Witch

Back Story

For all those who heard rumours about a perpetual horror game hitting screens sometime, well your prize is here!

‘The Medium’ is apparently a new horror game from the studio behind Blair Witch, which has proclaimed to be available for Xbox Series X and PC as well.

Released last year, Blair Witch, although having gained popularity, was a somewhat pretty bewildering experience.

Here, in the new game, you are combating with solving riddles and mysteries which are related to a tragedy and visions of a child’s murder.

Specificity (The Medium)

And just like any other Bloober-Team production, this game narrates its story in terms of both survival and puzzle-solving.

The Medium

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The music inside the game has been provided by ‘Silent Hill’ composer Akira Yamaoka. Pretty daunting and distressed, the tunes would unquestionably hype-up the essence of the game.

The trailer, as we’ve seen, looks like this game will come out to be a pretty gripping horror story which deals with reality as well, for instance, it has subplots that show the presence of pregnancy too.

The story takes place Krakow, wherein, the character whose name is Maryanne is a ‘medium’ as the title suggests.

She can steer through the spiritual world, the after-life. All our distress, rage, helplessness are reflected over there and only a medium can solve the riddle of that world!

What To Expect

The entire Bloober team has been saying they’d come up with more revelations but we’d have to wait with a patient mind, until then.

The entire crew is ecstatic to bring this to us, in the holidays of 2020. We sincerely hope the date and strategies don’t get affected by the staunch Coronavirus principles, lest I should start wailing all over again.

The Medium

There are already millions of movies and shows put on halt. You don’t ditch me, alright Bloober?

Now that I know ‘The Medium’ is an enormously pioneering game developed by team Bloober, I can’t stop frantically waiting for its release.

With a 4k resolution, I’m certain, you’ll lose your mind as well. Stay tuned!

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