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‘The Masked Singer’ Reveals Identities of Robo Girl and the Beetle: Here’s Who They Are

Big news awaits the fans of “The Masked Singer” when they find out that Jerry Springer, as well as actor Kat Graham, revealed themselves in the latest episodes of the show. Fans were amused to see the popular actors on the screen and the internet was filled with comments about them. 

The previous week, we saw that Graham won the title as Robo Girl. However, things suddenly turned when Springer was first to go, as the beetle and gained a small number of Votes. 

“Muppets Night” opened with Kermit, followed by judges Nicole Scherzinger, Robin Thicke, Ken Jeong, and Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg all joining in on “Rainbow Connection.” Then at the judges’ table, Miss Piggy joined the guessing game.

We saw that the show follows “The Masked Singer” enters Season 8 with costumes including “Bride,” “Avocado,” “Venus Fly Trap,” “Sir Bugaboo,” “Scarecrow,” “Hedgehog,” “Mummies.” Themed episodes include “Vegas Night,” “Comedy Roast,” “Hall of Fame,” “Muppets Night,” “Andrew Lloyd Webber Night,” “TV Themes,” “’90s Night,” “Thanksgiving” and “Fright Night.”

The guest of this season of the show follows Donny Osmond, Andrew Lloyd Webber, The Muppets, Will Arnett, Leslie Jordan, Joel McHale, Tori Spelling, Jon Lovitz, Jodie Sweetin, Carrot Top, Blue Man Group, Lance Bass, Danielle Fishel, Sheila E., and Drew Carey.

The audience is already excited about the upcoming journey of the people. There are already a lot of questions around the internet and we all are waiting to find out more. 


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