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The Many Saints of Newark: Release Date | Plot | Cast

From the brilliant mind of David Chase comes the much-anticipated prequel to The Sopranos, The Many Saints of Newark (2021). The Sopranos is a popular Mafia crime drama that centres on Tony Soprano’s life of crimes as well his troubling state of personal life. The Many Saints of Newark will tell us about how Tony was always meant to become what he is today. 

The Sopranos has been a great watch. It had this classic Mafia Crime Boss air about it. Just like The Godfather, the characters of The Sopranos are multi-layered. They have a strange human side in them which makes them successful characters instead of flat-out killers.

It has been such a long time since we have seen the dearly loved Crime Drama. The original TV show that ran for 6 seasons was a rich cultural experience as well. This upcoming enterprise from David Chase, the creator of the Sopranos and director Alan Taylor seems to be taking us to the past where it all started.

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Plot of The Many Saints of Newark 

The Many Saints of Newark focuses on the life of young Tony. The prequel is set during the times of racial riots. Tony’s problematic relationship with his mother and a strong bond with his uncle Dickie Moltisanti are the two most important parts of this prequel. 

Tony’s Fate

showcasing the sopranos from the many saints of newark 
Tony Sopranos will be back in 2021 with The Many Saints of Newark

Tony’s entry into the world of violence is something that the prequel covers with utmost care and importance. Tony never really had a choice. He was fated to become who he is. His entire family played their parts to make sure his path doesn’t differ from others. 

That Tony is disturbingly capable of violence is shown from the beginning. The trailer shows that he has an extremely high temper. He often engages in raw hand to hand combat. The way he beats anyone who bothers him the slightest underscores his aggressive criminal mind.

“There’s a lot of echoes [in the film] in the kind of fathering relationship Tony had with Christopher,” The Many Saints of Newark director Alan Taylor tells IGN. “And that’s sort of the real cycle, I think because Christopher’s dad was like a dad to Tony in many ways. And then Tony rises and becomes like a dad figure to Christopher — with a very complex outcome. And cycles are repeating, cycles you cannot escape.

And one of the themes of the show and one of the themes of our movie is how locked into our cycles are we? How determined are we? Can we write our destiny or not? And for me, that’s sort of what the movie [is about]. Anybody coming to the movie knows Tony and knows where Tony went. So in a way, he’s kind of in a locked cycle “.

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Dickie Moltisanti 

The movie traces back to the far post where it all started. In The Sopranos we have seen Tony already is a Mob boss and have heard frequent references to how his Uncle Dickie was his mentor. It is the kind relationship Tony has with Dickie’s son Christopher. 

Now this movie will tell the story of Dickie Motlisanti. Even though he seemed to be a troubled person, he formed a strong relationship with Tony. In many ways, he became Tony’s idol. This is Dickie’s story, where Tony is the most significant character. 

In a racially–torn city, Dickie increasingly becomes a problem for many. His rise and presence both seem to be a looming threat to many. 

It is quite possible when Dickie is the one who didn’t let Tony escape the world of crime in the first place. There is one scene in the trailer where Tony says that he wants to go to college. To which his uncle says that Tony should tell himself this the last time he will steal. To put it in simple terms, Dickie’s influence in Tony’s life is undeniable.

Livia Soprano

a glimpse from the many saints of newark 
Featuring a scene from the crime drama, The Many Saints of Newark

Tony’s relationship with his mother is unhealthy and toxic. The Sopranos projects Livia as an extremely mean, manipulative, unloving woman who seems to be unimaginably entitled. In no way does she ever regret her past actions. 

Whereas Dickie shaped Tony’s philosophical side as a Mob boss, his mother’s treatment of him creates the pattern of his behaviour and psychological pattern. Her fastidious dominating nature made her emotionally unavailable and made her disapprove of everyone. 

In the movie, a young Livia is shown who shares a striking physical similarity with Carmela, who later became Tony’s wife. 

Tony is always shown to be chasing after women who are not emotional towards him. This tells the viewer how the toxic relationship with his mother has been the deciding factor of his psychological structure. 

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Where it all started 

The movie takes us back to Newark, New Jersey which is the hometown of this Italian American crime family. An unstable society, with hatred spreading all over, clashes between the Italian Americans and African Americans, riots, increasing crime — all this served as the perfect foundation of Tony’s rise as a violent gangster.  

Tony’s rise is perceived as a threat to another mafia family – The Di Meos. As the movie progresses we will see Tony getting a grip over the problematic things and emerges as the brutal and dark person that he was meant to become.

The ensemble cast of The Many Saints of Newark 

featuring the cast of the many saints of newark 
The extremely talented cast of the prequel of The Sopranos

The film has an ensemble cast that includes Michael Gandolfini (The Deuce) playing Tony Soprano, an uncanny young version of the iconic role played by the actor’s late father James Gandolfini.

The mob drama also stars Alessandro Nivola as Dickie Moltisanti (Christopher’s father), Jon Bernthal as Giovanni “Johnny Boy” Soprano, Corey Stoll as Junior Soprano, Vera Farmiga as Tony’s mother Livia Soprano, Billy Magnussen as Paulie “Walnuts” Gualtieri and John Magaro as Silvio Dante. Ray Liotta might be seen as “Hollywood”.

Release Date of The Many Saints of Newark 

The movie will be released on 1st October 2021. 

Availability of The Many Saints of Newark 

The movie will be released to theatres as well as on HBO Max.


The Many Saints of Newark has most certainly gained our attention as a prequel to one of the greatest series of our times, The Sopranos. It is much more than just a crime drama. It is an observation on how interpersonal relationships can shape up the growing mind and how the tumultuous times always seem to engender people like Tony Soprano. 

The upcoming prequel is hoped to be everything the trailer promises. Even though the movie is a prequel, it is perfectly capable of being a stand-alone movie. So, if you are worried about not having the TV series, don’t be. It will be better to start with this one. 

Now that you are caught up with the details of the series, enjoy the movie.

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