The 4 Major Media and Entertainment Technology Trends


Mohit Kamboj

Technology is the driving force behind the growth and success of the entertainment and media industry. It has provided cutting-edge features for developing movies, immersive gaming, and streaming media. Tech advancements have also created new channels for delivering music, news, and advertisements. Traditional entertainment outlets like theater and musical concerts are slowly being phased out due to content digitization. Any serious content producer or creator must incorporate technology to survive in this ever-changing sector. In this article, we explore major media and entertainment technology trends.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is one of the most impressive technologies trending in the entertainment sector. It was first introduced in the gaming sector, and many loved it. VR immerses the user right into their favorite game. This technology requires people to purchase VR headsets, VR-enabled consoles, and PCs to enjoy the thrill. VR has become integral in gaming entertainment as it features in several top-tier franchises such as Minecraft, Doom, and Grand Theft Auto. The decreasing cost of VR devices is also sponsoring its spread worldwide.

Cloud Computing

Cloud technology has made entertainment readily accessible to users. It has shattered the reliance on a specific gadget to access certain movies, games, and music. Previously, gamers had to upgrade their computers or consoles to play the new thrilling games. The cloud abolished such limitations because the gamer’s device specs and capabilities no longer matter as the games are hosted in the cloud. People can also access news, podcasts, or video content via the cloud. This technology also gives users access to their preferred entertainment regardless of location.

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This technology allows entertainment creators to set up platforms and attract subscribers. They can then use their subscribers as an audience for marketers. On the other hand, consumers can freely log in to any platform to enjoy their preferred entertainment. For instance, Microsoft and Facebook have focused on creating immersive experiences online by congregating virtual universes to provide various entertainment. Thanks to the metaverse technology, you can now get everything from gaming and entertainment to social media on such platforms.


Esports has revolutionized video games. This technology has offered another form of entertainment for sports lovers as it includes features associated with professional sports like leagues, tournaments, sponsorships, live audiences, and salaried players. Over the years, eSports has transformed to become the best spectator sport. Tournaments such as the League of Legends World Championships attract millions of viewers virtually and physically. The pool of professional eSport players and spectators is anticipated to continue to expand in the coming years.

In Summation

Technology has now become the backbone of the media and entertainment industry. It has facilitated the growth and expansion of these sectors. Most people now consume their favorite entertainment via digital platforms. Trending technologies such as virtual reality, cloud computing, metaverse, and eSports have further increased the expansion of the entertainment industry. These technologies have also facilitated the development of highly immersive games.