The Lockscreen of Kylie Jenner’s Phone Features a Picture of Her and Timothée Chalamet!



Timothée Chalamet and Kylie Jenner haven’t publicly spoken about their relationship, but her phone’s lockscreen made a strong message about their relationship.

Today, Jenner attended Prada’s Milan Fashion Week show, and ELLE Mexico captured images of her there with her phone screen showing. She and Chalamet’s faces are curled up together in a candid photograph that serves as her lockscreen. View a close-up of it on the second slide, which is below:


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Jenner posted a TikTok of herself getting ready for the Prada event. The clip showed her accessories, the beaded skirt she wore, and the black outfit she ended up wearing with it.

Jenner’s surprise appearance at the Prada show happened just days after a source told Entertainment Tonight on September 19 that Jenner feels very safe in her relationship with Chalamet after six months of dating.

Jenner and Chalamet went public with their relationship at Beyoncé’s concert. She felt ready to do so “because she is confident and secure in their relationship.” “She feels like she can be herself around him, which she really likes,” the person said.

The Lockscreen of Kylie Jenner's Phone Features a Picture of Her and Timothée Chalamet! (1)

“They also have deep connections,” the person said. “Timothée is also a family man, and that’s something they have in common. Timothée is a great guy, and Kylie’s friends and family love to see her happy with him.

Yesterday, TMZ showed a video of Chalamet in Beverly Hills being asked about Jenner. He didn’t answer any of the questions, but the smile he couldn’t hide when he heard about her made the news.

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