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The Latest Alleged Leaks Regarding The Elder Scrolls 6 Has Been Proven False, Likely To The Disappointment Of Many Fans!


David Mudd

This latest news is going to disappoint many gamers out there. They are going to be very unhappy with this. Also, it has raised many queries about what is going to happen now. So now that the alleged leaks are false, people are back on square one.

Starting from the announcement of the Elder Scrolls 6, Bethesda has given no as such cues about what the game is going to have. So it is obvious that people will be searching here and there for more information regarding this.

Then when the leaks happened, fans had nothing to not believe in them. But it is now proved that the Leaks were a hoax. And they are nothing close to reality.

So that is a bummer. However, we should wait for more information on the game. And it is expected to release only later now.

Elder Scrolls

What Had Happened? (Elder Scrolls VI)

There were leaks of information about the new game that is going to happen. It featured a lot of information about what will go on with it. It featured that it will happen in high Rock and Hammerfell. Also, it will be placed about six years later the events of Skyrim.

And this got the fans excited because they had no information about the game earlier. Now that they had hands on this, they developed even more theories about the game. Amongst all these queries, this specific leak was something that acquired a lot of attention.

Since many people believed it, chances were that it was going to happen. But that isn’t how things are going down.

Why Was It Believed?

The leaks also had the alleged release date of Q4. And it had claimed for it to be the biggest city that was ever built by Bethesda. But now we know that none of it is true. However, it was believed to be true because of a forged non-disclosure argument.

It gained a lot of speculation because of it. And many started believing this theory. This was only because it had certain rock-solid proofs containing photos and this document. It acquired a lot of attention very quickly and got circulated at a high speed. However, now this isn’t the case.

Elder Scrolls

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What Is Going On Now?

Now it is found out that those leaks were a lie and people are disappointed. It is largely because these ideas sounded fun. And people were waiting to see them for real.

However, none of it is happening now. Bethesda will be doing something different. And we have no clue about it. So stay tuned to know more.