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The Last Of Us Part 2: Is Crunch Culture And Staff Burnout To Blame For The Delay

The entertainment industry is not the only one that has its scandals. Many other industries in today's world struggle to keep up production along with the mental health of their employees. The crunch culture and staff burnout often lead to delays in production at the cost of the employees' health.

Here is a status update on a Naughty Dog production game The Last Of Us and how it got delayed.

What Is The Crunch Culture And Staff Burnout?

There are many companies who make their employees work for extra hours. The workers working the extra hours often work without pay and the main goal is to complete the project in time for its release. However, with these long work hours comes a lot of pressure on the workers to complete the given job.

The commitment of the company toward completing a project often costs the workers their physical and mental health. This is called the crunch culture and it is especially popular in the gaming industry where dozens of indie and virtual reality games are constantly developing.

Therefore, the crunch culture often leads to staff burnout. A staff burnout in return reduces the morale of the employees and decreases their productivity.

Naughty Dog's Past With Crunch Culture

Many big organisations are infamous for implementing the crunch culture on their employees. Naughty Dog is one of them. Naughty Dog is a large company at this point, it is famous for bringing hit games like Uncharted 4 and The Last Of Us part 1. The company stresses on perfection with every project.

However, this perfection is also what gives them an infamous reputation. Many people say that Naughty Dog is one of the best and the worst companies to work in. This is obviously because of the detrimental work its employees go through just to finish the games on time. Their mental and physical health is therefore compromised.

The Last Of Us 2 Delay Because Of Crunch Culture?

It seems that the one tactic that Naugty Dog uses to increase productivity is also the one that is biting them back. Because of the decreased productivity due to exhausted workers, the Last Of Us 2 video game is now delayed.

The game will now release on May 29, 2020.

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