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The Last Kingdom Season 5: Release Date: Cancelled or Renewed?


David Mudd

The Last King Kingdom is a British historical drama telling the stories of the bloody rivalry between the Anglo Saxon and the Vikings. The show is a reminder that human history is nothing but constant battles for ruthless rulings, bloodbaths and getting the throne. The Last Kingdom Season 5 will be here soon!

It is not possible to deny the effect of Game of Thrones in drawing our attention towards historical drama. Shows like Vikings and The Last seasons were there but realisation about the potential of the historical drama. This series has been running for 6 years. Finally, with 5 does it reach the climax, by making it the finale.

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The show is based on Bernard Cornwell’s The Saxon Stories. 

Plot of The Last Kingdom Season 5 

a glimpse from the last kingdom season 5
Featuring a still from The Last Kingdom Season 5!

The story is set in 9 the 9th century when English was divided into multiple independent states which made it easy targets for the outside forces. The story tells the tale of Wessex and their resistance to save their kingdom. 

Urthed returns to claim what is his and at the same time is ready to avenge the horrible death of the people who took him in. 

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Living in history 

Season 1 to 4 covers the deadly competition between the Saxons and the Viking Danes over power and dominance. The series becomes a testament to the history of an ancient era. 

It is the story of Uhthred of Bebbanburg,  the one who fought for what he believed in an era where making opportunistic choices and gaining monarchy’s favour mattered above all. Shared was born a Saxon, son 

 Lord Uhtred of Bebbanburg. In the first battle of Bebbanburg Saxon Lord Uhtred is brutally killed by the Danes. Young Uhthred and Brida, a Saxon girl, were taken as slaves. Both Saxons were re-baptised as Danes. Uhtred was adopted as a son by Danish Earl Ragnar.

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Uhtred’s conflict

a picture from the shoot of the last kingdom season 5
A leaked picture from the shoot of The Last Kingdom Season 5

Uhtred being born as a Saxon and being converted into a Dane becomes a constant source of conflict. His loyalty is constantly tested by the different circumstances. When his adopted family is destroyed by some fellow Danes, he is forced to go to Wessex, where King Alfred rules. He becomes a close advisor to Alfred,  who shares his vision to make England one nation. Uhtred provides faithful service to the king and his son but reluctantly. He does not mind pointing out the mistakes even when it is against King’s order Uhtred is fiercely freedom-oriented and he will not be owned. 

Uhtred finds out how his uncle Aelfric has overtaken what was rightfully his and has ordered him to kill him. In the final journey, Uhtred will come back to reclaim Bebbanburg, his father’s kingdom.

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Season 5 

It is officially confirmed that the Season 5 of The Last Kingdom will be launched on Netflix on 9th March 2022. Alexander Dreymon very recently took to Instagram to stoke up the suspense further. In the video, he says that the filming is going well and they are lucky even to be in production. A big thanks were given to the fans who kept the show running for 4 seasons which is a big deal considering it’s Netflix. 

Season 5 special episode

Season 4 already threw new characters in the mix and season 5 will carry this further. Uhtred’s relationship with his children is going to be an important segment of this season. His glory as a  great warrior does not necessarily equate with his capability as a parent. 

Availability of The Last Kingdom Season 5 

The show is available on Netflix. 

The Cast of The Last Kingdom Season 5 

the photoshoot of the cast of the last kingdom season 5
Featuring the cast of The Last Kingdom Season 5!

The Last Kingdom has a long list of actors playing various roles. Some of these characters are dead and so will not be regular characters anymore. They might recur in the final series in the form of memory. The ensemble of the cast includes –

Alexander Dreymon as Uhtred of Bebbanburg – protagonist

David Dawson as King Alfred (series 1–3)

Tobias Santelmann as Ragnar the Younger (series 1–3)

Emily Cox as Brida

Adrian Bower as Leofric (series 1, 3)

Thomas W. Gabrielsson as Guthrum (series 1)

Simon Kunz as Odda the Elder (series 1–2)

Harry McEntire as Aethelwold (series 1–3)

Rune Temte as Ubba (series 1)


The Last Kingdom season 5 is going to be an awesome watch for the final journey. Uhtred ‘s journey is going insane and bloody and ultimate avenge will be served. The blood feud will finally come to an even bloodier end. 

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