The Last BlockBuster: Know Everything About It!


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There are many films released back in 2020 when there is a pandemic situation all around the world. And The Last Blockbuster is one of the good films of 2020 which was released back by 1091 Pictures.

The Last Blockbuster is a documentary film in which the store named Blockbuster is described and the ups and downs they faced during their operations which is located in Bend Oregon.

The Movie is directed by Taylor Morden while Zeke Kamm is the writer of this film and he is also the producer of the Last Blockbuster which earned 6.7 ratings out of 10 on IMDB.

The movie released on July 25, 2020 and has a running time of 86 minutes in English Language in the United States which is edited by Tim Skousen.

The Last BlockBuster

Popmotion Pictures September Club is the production company behind the filming of the Last Blockbuster.

The movie is about the ups and downs which were faced by the video rental business- Blockbuster Video company and the company was famous at the time when it started or in 1990. In the movie you will see how the rental store was taken out from the Blockbuster business and started independent and how the company went down in 2007 and 2008 due to loss of money and poor management system.

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Along with this the business also tells the survival of the business and how it works and the Blockbuster store in Bend, Oregon.

The Last Blockbuster: Cast

These are the cast members who contributed in this movie and follows Sandi Harding and other members are Adam, Brody, Samm Levine, Ron Funches, Paul Scheer, Doug Benson, James Arnold Taylor and Brian Posehn.

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Is the Store The Last Blockbuster Opens in 2021?

The Last BlockBuster

At this time it is the world’s last retail store in video which is still open using the name of Blockbuster.

Why Did the Financial Crisis Arise in Blockbuster Business?

Due to massive debt and poor management the business falls down.

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The Last Blockbuster: Trailer

Here is the official trailer for the blockbuster 2020 movie which is given below-

The Last Blockbuster 2020: Ratings and Reviews

On IMDB the film The Last Blockbuster received 6.7 ratings out of 10 with 80 user reviews and most of the reviews about the movie are positive.

Some of the positive reviews written by users are- the story of the movie, the last blockbuster is cool, fun, unique, nostalgic look back at Blockbuster video and awesome nostalgia in the movie.

On Rotten Tomatoes the last Blockbuster scored 68% while it got 5 out of 5 on Movie Insider.

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