The Killing Kind Season 2: Hulu’s Popular Series is Planning a Renewal? Check Now!



Will there be The Killing Kind Season 2? What to expect with the upcoming season of The Killing Kind? Fans of the drama series are eagerly waiting to find the updates of the recent release. As the show is inspired by the popular novel by Jane Casey, it was obvious for fans to look for the live adaption.

The gripping story is filled with mystery thriller series that premiered on Hulu on September 7, 2023. The show centers around Ingrid Lewis, a successful defense attorney whose life is filled with different cases. 

The first season follows the different aspects of her life where we get introduced to different characters, possessing unique behaviors. As season 1 concludes, the viewers begin anticipating the next season of the show. Continue reading the article about the future of the series and get the latest update on the events of the show.

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Based on The Killing Kind

by Jane Casey

Screenplay by
  • Zara Hayes
  • Jonathan A.H. Stewart
Country of origin United Kingdom
Original language English
No. of series 1
No. of episodes 6
Executive producers
  • Jane Casey
  • Paula Cuddy
  • Jill Green
  • Eve Gutierrez
  • Zara Hayes
  • Jonathan A.H. Stewart
Running time 44-48 minutes
Production Company Eleventh Hour Films
Network Paramount
Release 7 September 2023

The Killing Kind Season 2 Release Date: When will it be Out?

As the first season of the drama series was released on Paramount, viewers started to enjoy the thrilling content of the show. The plot delves into the life of Ingrid, and her tumultuous relationship with John Webster. In the series, we see how she defends her against stalking charges.

Despite the series gaining massive response from the viewers, it gained enormous sucess worldwide. Viewers are wondering about the next season of the show. However, at the time of writing, we don’t have any updates on season 2. 

The series has major chances to get renewed as the story of the show was concluded on a major cliffhanger. If there is any information, we will make sure to let you know.

After the release of season 1, fans are thrilled to watch Eric Season 2 on the screen.

The Killing Kind Season 2 Cast: Who will be in it?

If there comes a season 2 of the show, there is no doubt that viewers might see the cast of the series. Here is the cast of the show:

  • Emma Appleton as Ingrid Lewis
  • Colin Morgan as John Webster
  • Elliot Barnes-Worrell as Mark Orpen
  • Olivia D’Lima as Suzanne
  • Kerr Logan as DS Luke Nash
  • Sara Powell as Belinda Grey
  • Nicholas Rowe as Angus Grey
  • Sophie Stanton as DI Jill Winstanley
  • Rob Jarvis as Tom Martins
  • Bethany Muir as Emma Seaton
  • Richard Dixon as Judge Peter Stuart
  • Charles Furness as Jake Seaton
  • Stuart Fox as Daniel Pole
  • Niamh Gaia as Flora Pole

The Killing Kind Season 2 Plot Updates: What to Expect with the show?

The Killing Kind Season 2

The official synopsis of the show reads, “Following a trauma, Defence Barrister Ingrid Lewis is rebuilding her life when tragedy strikes and her friend and mentor dies, Ingrid believes she is a target and questions if John Webster, her former client turned stalker, is back in her life.

Ingrid sets out to prove Belinda’s death wasn’t an accident, Detective Nash dismisses Ingrid’s theories, but Webster says he believes her and can help, Ingrid receives an unsettling gift and finds herself in a dangerous situation. Ingrid hides away, determined to work out what is happening, but when her ex-fiancé turns up she wonders if she can trust him. Ingrid visits a former colleague, to help her investigation, but events take an unexpected turn.

Ingrid believes a past case may provide the answer, Detective Nash warns Ingrid off pursuing her investigation, and Webster tells her to trust him, helping take Ingrid another step closer to identifying the killer, but then events turn dangerous.

Ingrid challenges Webster for concealing information and visits a lonely place, and when Detective Nash arrives his conduct seems suspicious. Ingrid is forced to re-examine the original Webster legal case she worked on. In an explosive final twist, Ingrid must fight to right the wrongs to ensure that justice is done.”

The Killing Kind Season 2 Official Trailer

The official trailer for season 2 will be out once the show is confirmed by the officials. Take a look at the official trailer for season 1 so that you don’t miss anything.

Where to watch the show?

You can watch the first season of the series on Hulu.

“We are delighted that The Killing Kind is set to launch on Hulu in the U.S.,” said Eve Gutierrez, Executive Producer and Head of Talent, and Paula Cuddy, Creative Director, at Eleventh Hour Films. “It’s the perfect home for our sexy, edge-of-the-seat, rollercoaster thriller – with mesmerizing performances from Emma Appleton and Colin Morgan.”

Along with that, there are tons of amazing shows available on the platform for the viewers to stream. If you want to watch any specific series, then head to our website trending news buzz. 

What are the Ratings of the show?

Before concluding this article, let’s take a look at the online ratings of the series so that you don’t miss anything. The ratings of the series will help you to understand the show better.

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Final Verdict

The Killing Kind is an incredible series that has officially released its first season on the screen. After watching the show, the viewers were on the edge to find out about the next season of the series. It’s been more than six months since the show was released on the screen and the status of the show is still pending.

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