The Kardashians Season 5: Is Hulu’s OG Series is Getting Back? What the Next Season will be About?



The fourth season of the Kardashian has already concluded but guess what! Fans are already excited to watch the next season of this reality TV series. The fans have watched the first four seasons of the show with excitement. With a lot of updates on the internet regarding the Kardashian-Jenner family, isn’t the time to get season 5!

The first season of the show was announced shortly after the OG series, Keeping Up With the Kardashian was finalized. After the successful release of the first season, the show makers began working on the future of the show.

In the first season, fans saw glimpses of the same theme, bringing the family together. We further watched how the drama and gossip happened between the family. With the final season-ending, fans already know what the next season will be about. With Kendall Jenner and Bad Buddy’s relationship rumors going around the internet and Kylie’s boyfriend Timothee making highlights, don’t you think there is so much more to know?


Genre Reality television
  • Kris Jenner
  • Kim Kardashian
  • Kourtney Kardashian Barker
  • Khloé Kardashian
  • Kendall Jenner
  • Kylie Jenner
Country of origin United States
Original language English
No. of seasons 4
No. of episodes 40
Executive producers
  • Kris Jenner
  • Kim Kardashian
  • Kourtney Kardashian
  • Khloé Kardashian
  • Kendall Jenner
  • Kylie Jenner
  • Ryan Seacrest
  • Ben Winston
  • Danielle King
  • Emma Conway
  • Elizabeth Jones
Production companies
  • Kardashian Jenner Productions
  • Ryan Seacrest Productions
  • Fulwell 73
Original release
Network Hulu
Release April 14, 2022 –


The Kardashians Season 5 Release Date: When is it going to be released?

I know that everyone is eagerly waiting to release the next season of the show and of course, we are here with some fresh detail.

Though there has been a lot of speculation, Hulu, the streaming platform that is responsible for the release of the series, has not announced anything regarding the upcoming season of the show. Five hasn’t been announced yet and fans are extremely enthusiastic to check out what the series will be all about. However, there isn’t any Cancellation news and it is safe to say that the series will be coming back super soon.

You can expect that Hulu is typically going to release the next season of the show super soon. The announcement for the season 5 of the series will be out within 1 to 2 months. The exact date is yet so far but we can see the Kardashian season five, making its arrival in the starting of 2024.

Note: This isn’t a confirmed release date by the official, but rather a prediction made by us by the viewers.

The Kardashians Season 5 Cast: Who will be in it?

Being a reality television series, there is no wonder that people want to watch who will be there in the next season of the show. The Reality show focuses on the life of a family who are continuously living their life.

There is no wonder that the showrunners are likely to include all the family members in the show. In the next few lines, we have details about the cast of the series that we have watched over the four seasons and that are likely to be back in the fifth season of the show.

  • Kris Jenner
  • Kim Kardashian
  • Kourtney Kardashian Barker
  • Khloé Kardashian
  • Kendall Jenner
  • Kylie Jenner
  • Scott Disick
  • Travis Barker
  • Corey Gamble
  • Tristan Thompson
  • Pete Davidson (season 2)
  • Kanye West (season 1)

The Kardashians Season 5 Plot: What to Expect with it?

We have seen that the fourth season of The Kardashian talks about the early lives and whatever happens in the year 2023. We watched how Court and Kim fight over the Dolce and Gabbana feud from the previous season and it continues to reveal how their fight moves forward. The teaser trailer also hinted about Kourtney’s pregnancy which came out in the series quite well.

We also watched how Khloe’s on-and-off relationship with Tristan Thompsons makes a big deal in the show. The series also revealed how Kylie Jenner‘s recent journey of her body image continued to make a big change in her life. All these incidents led to a better season of the show and fans enjoyed watching the series on the screen.

Talking about the possibility of the fifth season, as of now there are a lot of things that could make a deal in the next season of the show. Following the timeline, we can see how the fifth season can feature Kate Jenner‘s recent remark about Kim and what she feels about her. We also watched how some rumors were running around the Internet regarding Kim and Odell Beckham.

The fifth season is likely to talk about how they were hanging out in the city, which was also autographed by the paparazzi. The next season is also likely to talk about Kim Kardashian’s new role in the popular FX series called American Horror Story. There are a lot of things that could arrive in the next season of the show. One of the most important things that fans want to know is about Kendall Jenner‘s boyfriend.  We already know that Kendall is dating Bad Bunny but this incident has not made its highlight on the show.

He recently told Vanity Fair that he prefers to keep their relationship private, saying: “I’m not interested in clarifying anything because I do not commit to clarify anything to anyone.” We can assume this will mean he won’t make an appearance on the show anytime soon.

The Kardashians Season 5 Official Trailer

Despite there has been no confirmation regarding season 5 of the show, we confirm that the series is going to be released super soon. Unfortunately, we don’t have an official trailer for the show but we believe that it is going to be out soon. Till then you can watch the official trailer for season 4 and check out more updates.

Where to watch the show?

The Kardashian is officially available on Hulu to stream.

What are the ratings of the show?

Let’s take a look at the online ratings of the series and find out more about it.

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Final Verdict

There are a lot of things happening on the Internet and one of the highest priorities for the fans of the series is wanting a season five of the show. We know that the fans are freaked out from watching the fourth season of the series and now they want to know more about the Kardashian.

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