The Invisible Thread: a Fantastic Comedy-drama Filled With Beautiful Emotions!


David Mudd

The coming-of-age period drama “The Invisible Thread,” which was aired on February 21, 2022, features quite a few laughs as it explores a teenager trying to come to terms with himself and his circumstances with “the two dads.”

This Italian film’s beautiful themes include fatherhood, first love, adultery, drugs, and Italy’s absurdly sluggish progress toward homosexual rights’ legal and social recognition.

A gay couple inside an unstable relationship must choose if the child they have is rightfully theirs in this Italian comedy film. The LGBTQA community does not have a lot of support under Italian law. Just to be acknowledged as Leone’s legal guardians, Simone and Paolo must wage a battle.

Let’s start by learning more about this movie.

What’s the Storyline of the Show?

The Invisible Thread

Leone, who is engaged in some kind of school project regarding LGBTQA rights across Europe based solely on his own, individual perspective, tells the tale from his perspective.

Leone is compelled to understand that his “wonderful family” isn’t exactly as great as it seems while simultaneously experiencing his first love and his lovely school friend Anna. So, trapped amid a plethora of misconceptions, civil wars, and unexpected turns; biased ideas that homosexuality is inherited.

Our young man, whose filled with misery is obvious to everybody and is identical to that experienced by any other child whose parents have separated, finds himself reflecting on the “invisible thread” that connects him to his both dads and to anyone who helped bring him into the universe.

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Paolo tells his sister about his discovery that his partner is cheating on him. He tries to understand it, but he can’t. His sister, who has dealt with the issue directly, urges him to handle it calmly. In his mind, Paolo starts his journey as a single father, but now he has to find a way to keep Paolo responsible for his actions.

Leone needs to add a twist to his movie to make it seem realistic. The reality is slowly becoming clear to him, but he is entirely unconscious of it.

So, indeed, a weird mix a very total mess at that. The humor of gender expectations as well as misunderstandings, and also the traditional and unconventional relationship difficulties, make this one of the most intriguing Italian productions that Netflix ever has funded.

It just maintains you on the “edge” that indeed teen-oriented Italian stories always manage to distribute.

Who Was Seen in the Movie?

The Invisible Thread

With the help of his closest buddy Jacopo, who was portrayed by Emanuele Maria Di Stefano, 15-year-old Francesco Gheghi‘s character Leone is putting the finishing touches to their course film project, “My Colorful Family.”

He has described the broad strokes of what his two fathers, Francesco Scianna as well as Filippo Timi, ended up going through and sacrificed to have him, including the surrogate adoption of a California college friend played by Jodhi May and legal disputes in Italy over issues such as his parents’ ability to marry and who would appear on the child’s birth certificate.

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One of the most endearing characters in the film is Gheghi, who strikes the perfect balance between innocence as well as confidence while also digging into tangible insecurity when these traits are destroyed by unique conditions and force him to learn how to live again.

Each character’s impassioned response to the situations in life is masterfully and realistically captured by the writer Gianluca Bernadini‘s utilization of words.

It combines sincere emotion with a cutting-edge liberal sexual humor that delights our sensations to the hilt. Every character radiates warmth as the story progresses, and we can closely connect to them all as fallible humans just like ourselves.

Wonderful Orientation!

The Invisible Thread

The filmmaker and writer, Marco Simon Puccioni, successfully portrays a gay partnership going through difficult times by fighting its battles just like any other couple would. “The Invisible Thread” is a tragic illustration of how difficult circumstances may become when several variables and sexual identities are present.

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This movie, which Puccioni co-wrote alongside Luca De Bei as well as Gianluca Bernardini, examines the issues that can develop in the same marriage because all people, regardless of sexual orientation, suffer from selfishness, dishonesty, jealousy, and wrath.

Trailer of The Invisible Thread!

Let’s watch the fun trailer of this comedy movie and enjoy the family drama.


What is the IMBD rating of ‘The Invisible Thread’?

IMBD rating of The Invisible Thread is 6.7/10.

What is the original title of the film?

The original title of the film is ‘Il filo invisibile.’

What are the main genres of ‘The Invisible Thread’?

The main genres of ‘The Invisible Thread’ is Comedy, Drama, and Family.


The Invisible Thread might need more simplifying, but some of the intricacies make for amusingly absurd moments and frustrated chuckles. Despite the clutter, it’s a charming, well-intentioned muddle of a comedy that will make you feel good.