The Hall Honoring the Greats of Stand-up: a Tribute to Those Great Funny Souls!


David Mudd

The Hall honoring the Greats of Stand-up, Netflix’s most recent attempt at live comedy, will debut on stage at the ‘Netflix is a Joke’ event on May 19, 2022, in Los Angeles.

Currently airing on television, that program features four modern comedians paying tribute to four deceased geniuses—the inaugural inductees into the newest hall of fame, within which performers will thus be admitted on an annual basis.

This is a worthy initiative, at least if indeed the goal is to introduce today’s public to yesterday’s greatest of all time, as the creator as well as the director Marty Callner recently declared.

Four of the all-time outstanding comedians are inducted into “The Hall honoring the Greats of Stand-up” in Netflix Is A Joke: The Festival. So let’s get going.

What Was This Entertaining Memorial Service About?

The Hall honoring the Greats of Stand-up

Not only is “The Hall honoring the Greats of Stand-up” an induction ceremony captured on camera for Netflix, and it is also a brand-new section of the National Comedy Center.

The National Comedy Center located in Jamestown, New York, debuted in 2018 and it has the records of something like the late and great George Carlin, artifacts from all across the American history of comedy, and the all comedy lineup for such an advisory board, is indeed the nearest thing.

The setting at The Hall honoring the Greats of Stand-Up has a certain outstanding quality that wonderfully suits all of these top comedians.

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The included comics are undoubtedly some of the best in history. Nevertheless, the structure was fantastic, and the comedic videos chosen to celebrate them were truly outstanding.

They displayed the essence of Richard Pryor, George Carlin, Joan Rivers, and Robin Williams. It was particularly interesting since whoever chose the video appears to have tried to choose something that youngsters would connect to. Really loud and hugely nostalgic laughs.

Who Were the Main Comedians?

The Hall honoring the Greats of Stand-up

Carlin had been inducted by Jon Stewart, Robin Williams by John Mulaney, Joan Rivers by Chelsea Handler, as well as Richard Pryor by Dave Chappelle during the celebration.

This same “In Memoriam” part of the special additionally features Jeff Ross paying tribute to the recently passed-on comedians Gilbert Gottfried, Louie Anderson, Norm Macdonald, as well as Bob Saget. Pete Davidson, though, will speak briefly and make some jokes to begin the ceremony.

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When Davidson referred to himself as “the guy who took the special out of comedy special,” he was playing along with the joke about his stunt casting. “Trust me, I think I’m a bizarre pick to inaugurate a stand-up hall of fame, too,” Davidson continued.

How Were The Jokes?

The Hall honoring the Greats of Stand-up

The inductees’ montages are introduced by current comedy stars, but none of those steal the spotlight despite paying respect. Since, after all, their honorees are the main focus. The biggest surprise about this 70-minute special and how much of a surprise it is, with only 26 of the minutes devoted to compilations of the four awardees.

The best parts occur when the presenters depart from the righteous script, as when John Mulaney dismisses the notion that Robin Williams‘ comedy was motivated by his inner demons or when Jeff Ross injects some “roastmaster general” vigor into a segment honoring standups who’ve already passed away in the previous 12 months.

Despite several awkward landings, the entire production did a great job paying honor to the four.

Initially, Jon Stewart went to speak about Carlin, which is always enjoyable to watch. Next, John Mulaney encouraged and pushed the same happiness and affection that Robin Williams’ humor had brought us. It was innovative for Chelsea Handler to say the truth without making us smirk, and we thoroughly loved it.

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It’s so incredible to just see Chappelle standing on stage making fun of a really important figure. This is indeed a delight if, like many of us, you enjoy humor and comic history.

This is excellent if you enjoy witnessing upright individuals swallow their pride in awe of those who blazed the path. If you enjoy Pete Davidson, you might enjoy this special much more.

Trailer of The Hall honoring the Greats of Stand-up!

Let’s watch the trailer of the most epic stand-ups, talking about legends in their fun way.


What’s the IMBD rating of The Hall honoring the Greats of Stand-up?

The Hall honoring the Greats of Stand-up has the IMBD rating of 6.3/10.

How many comedians performed on ‘Netflix is a Joke’ Specials?

At over 35 venues throughout Los Angeles, 300 comedians performed 288 shows as part of the very first comedy festival presented by Netflix.

Will Netflix stream any additional festival performances?

Yes, Netflix will stream many performances at the festival on the platform.


These stand-ups are just amazing as they bring out the essence of those funny and great souls back on stage under the command of some of the best comedians in the world, so yeah, definitely worth watching.