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The Half of It


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The Half of It Netflix Teen Comedy and Romance Movie To Watch!

The Half of It Netflix film is a film which gives the message of love to everyone and love is not one that we see or always done to opposite sex but it is a feeling for the other person whom you like whether in any case.

This American film is also the same one where a talented girl runs a livelihood by writing papers and earning from it and her name is Ellie Chu. She lives with her father in a remote area of fictional town Squahamish where she earns little money and helps his father by contributing what she earns by writing homework papers and earning from it.

One day she is hired by a football player named Paul Munsky to write a letter to his crush but in the beginning she refuses to write it. Later on she accepted this work so that she can pay her home bills and one of bills is electricity one which will be shutted down in some days if they are not able to pay the bill on time.

So she decided to write a letter on behalf of Paul to his crush named Aster Flores who is also busy dating another boy named Trig. Now Ellie starts to write letters and messages to Aster and sometimes Ellie also meets Aster as they go to the same literature and art class and that time she also pursues her to talk to Paul.

The Half of It

By reading good messages from the side of Paul, Aster thinks she can communicate with Paul as she is influenced by the letters which are actually written by Ellie.

Her English is so good that her teacher suggested her to go another city to join Grinnell College but it is not possible for her to go there due to shortage of money and also she doesn’t want to go as she can’t leave her father alone because her mother passes away and she lives with her widowed father.

Later she sets a date for Paul and Aster but it fails and goes so badly again she tries so that they can talk but again Paul didn’t make it good but Ellie saves him by messaging Aster as it seems that the text is messaged by Paul.

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After this Paul comes and tells Ellie that he kisses Aster and later on he invites Ellie to his party and takes her to his home because she is drunk and sees letters in her bag of food critics and many.

Ellie is invited by Aster to her house to spend some day with her and there she talks with her and there Aster reveals that she is going to marry Trig as he is willing to marry her. And at the same time both Paul and father of Ellie make sausages and she decides to go to college when she sees Aster and Paul kissing each other.

They even played games and in game Paul thinks that Ellie has feelings for her and mistakenly kisses Ellie and she pushes him back and all this is seen by Aster and becomes angry.

The Half of It

Later on it Paul realise that both of them loves Ellie and also Aster loves her back when Aster came to know that the letters and messages are written by Ellie and not by Paul and it was also admitted by Aster that she loves her back and then they both kissed and Ellie informs her that she will meet her after couple of days as she is going to Grinnell.

When the train started Paul ran in a way to say goodbye to Ellie and this made Ellie to laugh on his silliness and from there she has a new life to start.

The Half of It: Release Date

It is a good comedy teen and romance film in which Ellie falls for Aster who is of same gender.

The film is directed and written by Alice Wu and produced by Anthony Bregman, M. Blair Breard and Alice Alice Wu.

The film was released back on May 1, 2020 in the United States in English language and has a running time of 104 minutes.

The Half of It

The music to this film is given by Anton Sanko while the film is distributed by Netflix and edited by Ian Blume and Lee Percy.

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Cast Members of The Half of It

  • Ellie Chu, a shy Chinese- American Girl is played by Leah Lewis.
  • Paul Munsky is played by Daniel Diemer and he hires Ellie Chu to write letter on his behalf.
  • Aster Flores, the famous girl or the crush of Paul is played by Alexxis Lemire.
  • Edwin Chu is played by Collin Chou.
  • Wolfgang Novogratz plays the role of Trig Carson who is going to marry Aster.
  • Mrs. Geselschap is played by Becky Ann Baker.
  • Colleen Munsky, mother of Paul, is played by Catherin Curtin.

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The Half of It Trailer

Here is the trailer of this film

You can watch this movie on Netflix and on Justwatch and the movie is given PG-13 ratings.


The Half of It is a good movie to watch as it shows love between the same gender as love is not defined and happens to anyone with any gender. The fim is given 6.9 ratings out of 10 on IMDB with a decrease in its popularity with 318 user reviews written on it. If you check on Rotten Tomatoes then half of it earned 97% and scored 4 out of 5 on Common sense media.

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