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The Great Season 2: Release Date | Watch | Ratings And Reviews!

Welcome back! The new great season 2 of Catherine and Peter is back for season 2 as it has to give us more comedy in a royal way. So season 2 is here to entertain you with the story of a Catherine who is pregnant and her husband who is not good.

Now there are many questions which are to be answered in season 2 of this great and comedy drama about the Russian Emperor. Now after concluding the second season all have an eye on its third renewal.

But still there is nothing announced for the third season and here we will talk completely about the 2nd season of the Great royal comedy drama. It took more than 1 year to premiere its second season due to a pandemic which halted every industry in 2020. So we finally got The great season 2 of this drama in November.

the great season 2

Do you also think that Peter would die in season 2? It is not possible to end the series immediately by showing the death of one of the main characters of The Great.

You can say that other characters which may die but not Peter as he plays the role of Catherine’s husband and he had widely s*x with Catherine in the first season? So that’s the reason Catherine is seen pregnant in the new season and he also killed her mother?

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The Great Season 2: Release Date

This is the main part of the article and everyone wants to know when the new season or the drama will be released. So, the great season of royal drama already premiered on November 19, 2021 a few days ago.

the great season 2

The second season also consist of 10 episodes like its previous one and the titles of the second season episodes are-

  • Episode 1
  • D…head
  • Alone at Last
  • The Devil’s Lunch
  • Animal Instincts
  • A Simple Jape
  • Stapler
  • Five Days
  • Walnut Season
  • Wedding

The Great Season 2: Watch

You can stream the Great Season 2 along with its first season on Hulu in the US while on Amazon Prime Video on StarzPlay and its season 1 is also on DVD format.

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The Great Season 2: Official Trailer

Yes, there is a trailer for season 2 of Great Season as the series is already came and here is the official trailer for you of its new season-

The Great Season 2: Ratings and Reviews

This new season is stronger and fans gave more love to this season as compared to its first one.

If you see its ratings and reviews on Rotten Tomatoes then you see 100% Tomatometer rating is given to this season with critic ratings of 20 while it received an audience score of 89% with 38 user ratings.

And if you haven’t seen this drama then go and watch this history comedy drama which was loved by everyone.

Here, I have also mentioned some of the reviews of the audience which are written on Rotten Tomatoes by the audience- the story is good and improved in new season and it is the funniest periodic drama on tv with some hilarious moments and most of the audience loved it second season more as compared to first one.

the great season 2

Amazing Show and some of the audience and fans of the drama wanted its new third season as they want to know what will happen to the main characters which left the ending on a cliffhanger.

On Metacritic the 2nd season of The Great earned 86 Metascore with 7 reviews on it along with 6.7 user score with 22 ratings.

On this also mostly the same things are written by the users like funny, season with great characters, smartest shows on Tv, enjoyable as ever and political battles are taken in a funny way and many more.

Last Lines

Finally you can watch this Great Season 1 and 2 on Hulu and enjoy the story of Catherine and Peter with Political battles in a funny way. If you want to watch other series then visit to read the latest articles on Movies, webseries, Tv thriller, comedy, mystery drama only on our website.

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