The Great Indian Kapil Show: When Celebrities Discussed Their Children and Their Relationships With Them


Donna Mack

The first season of The Great Indian Kapil Show came to a successful conclusion, and the show featured an exciting cast of visitors throughout its history. Aamir Khan appeared on Kapil’s show for the very first time. Her appearance was a first.

The fact that it took Kapil eight months to convince Aamir to join the team was even noted. Taking a look back at the season, here are several instances in which the celebrities discussed their children on the show, along with some noteworthy disclosures that they shared with the audience.

What Ranbir Kapoor Said About Her Daughter?

When Kapil talks about Raha, Ranbir says, “After Raha’s birth, I don’t feel like doing anything but sitting around doing nothing.” It is not my intention to shoot movies; rather, I would prefer to remain at home and continue to observe her while she is sleeping. At this very moment, I have the want to stay with her and play. I am looking forward to having her appear on your show.

What Neetu Singh Said About “Ranbir Kapoor as a Father”?

When Neetu Kapoor was praising Ranbir for being such a hands-on father, she added, “Whenever Raha enters the room, you should see his face, it’s full of expressions.” Neetu Kapoor was unanimous in her support of Ranbir. He has a lot of enthusiasm. In all the years that I have been around, I have seen a lot of fathers, but I have never seen somebody quite like him. She is always looking for him, and she can’t get enough of playing with her father.

The Great Indian Kapil Show: When celebrities discussed their children and their relationships with them

What Aamir Khan Said About His Kids?

When Kapil asked Aamir’s children if they seek his guidance on matters pertaining to the industry or life in general, Aamir responded by saying that he is “Ghar ki Murgi dal barabar” for his children. He then proceeded to jokingly lament the fact that his generation has always ended up becoming the yes-men, first to their parents and then to their children.

The Great Indian Kapil Show: When celebrities discussed their children and their relationships with them

Aamir Khan always complains about his children. He continued by saying, “I’ll tell you what I feel, but before I do that, let me first confess.” “Mere dil ki baat abhi bahar nikalne wali hai,” he said. They are not going to listen to me, my children. Every single person starts laughing out loud as soon as they hear this word.

Aamir says, “There has been a long discussion to finalize on what I am wearing today.” This is the explanation that he gives for why he felt compelled to communicate this. Archana Puran Singh is the one who compliments Aamir, remarking on how well-fitted he appears to be. He makes the statement, “My idea was to come in shorts but they asked me to wear jeans.”

What Anil Kapoor Said When He Got a Offer to Play the Role of Sonam’s Father?

Farah Khan disclosed that “There was a film, I believe it was Abbas Mastan, where Anil Kapoor was offered the role of Sonam’s father.” Farah Khan was referring to their previous collaboration. ‘What nonsense, how can I be Sonam’s father?’ he said, refusing to accept the relationship.

The Great Indian Kapil Show: When celebrities discussed their children and their relationships with them

What Farah Khan Replied to Kapil Sharma’s Question?

The question was posed to Farah Khan by Kapil Sharma in a playful manner: “What would you do if someone accidentally transferred 300 crores into your bank account?” Every every person in the room burst out laughing when they heard Farah’s response to this question. In response, she asked, “300 crore?” After I retire, I will leave behind my husband and my children (laughs).

The comment made by Farah was met with a response from Archana Puran Singh, who stated, “I believe you will not leave your children, but you will leave your husband.” And Farah responded, “Yes, okay.” As an additional point of interest, Archana Puran Singh stated, “You should feel the fun of Rs. 300 crore with your kids.” Farah responded to Archana’s statement by making a remark, “Unke sath kya maza aayega.” When I was younger, Tom Cruise asked me, “How am I going to have fun with children now?” Tom Cruise is waiting for me to go meet him.

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