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The Good Karma Hospital Season 4 Premiere Date, Cast Spoilers and Review

It seems that British drama winning elements arrive in the form of sun-soaked locales, bright vibrancy, and a story with a heartwarming premise. One of the ideal examples that depict this staple is “The Good Karma Hospital”.

A medical drama, set in the backdrops of southern India. It is an emotional tale that takes place in a rural hospital, located on the outskirts of Kerala. The show has been renewed for another season after three very successful seasons.

When Will The Good Karma Hospital Season 4 Premiere?

“The Good Karma Hospital” Season 3 was released on October 12, 2019, and came to an end after six episodes. Now as far as Season 4 renewal is concerned, ITV has not made any announcements as of yet. The last episode of the third season was aired on April 19.

The Good Karma Hospital
Source: Daily Mail

Although there is no official announcement, the Screenwriter of the series Dan Sefton in one of his tweets said that it was time for him to start writing for the new season.

And that definitely proves that Good Karma Hospital will have another season.

The Network generally takes about 18 months for the production of the new season. So, ‘The Good Karma Hospital’ Season 4 should be out in some time near March 2021.

Expected Cast

Amanda Redman leads the cast from ‘New Tricks’ fame. She plays the character of the eccentric doctor, Lydia Fonseca.

Accompanying her, the other protagonist is Amrita Acharia. She stars as Ruby Walker, a younger disillusioned doctor who moves from the UK to London after a painful breakup.

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Joining them are Neil Morrissey(Line of Duty) as Lydia’s partner, Greg McConnell and James Floyd(Dream Team) as Dr Gabriel Varma.

What The Good Karma Hospital Season 4 Will Be All About?

As the tales unravel throughout the three seasons, we see Ruby finding her work pressure at NHS too overwhelming and losing the love of her life. This all crush her spirit, and she decides to move to India by leaving behind her successful career and rekindle her passion for her profession.

The Good karma Hospital
Source: Daily Mail

We, the audience, see her grow through every obstacle and get more mature with things. Season 3 is mainly based on the relationship between Dr Gabriel Varma and Ruby. There’s also the stuff of Ruby’s developing bond with her long-lost dad.

It has also been seen that the acid attack part was introduced in season 3. Hence, get ready for a lot of emotions, chaos and warmth this time as well.

The Good Karma Hospital Season 3 Review

Spoilers Ahead!

If you haven’t watched the good karma hospital season 3, I would advise you to skip this section. I won’t mind. Now, before going to the review, let’s quickly round-up some basic points of the medical drama.

In season 3, Greg’s adult daughter Tommy shows up out of nowhere. However, there is a reason behind her appearance as she’s harbouring some deep secrets.

Now, talking about the main character Dr Ruby Walkerwas on-off for 4 months. She was looking for an excuse to go back to the good karma hospital & she got the chance when her pregnant sister developed high blood pressure.

As she’s back, she goes back fully in the patient care. In the meanwhile, she realized her feelings for Dr Gabriel Verma. Every single fan was rooting for them to be together.

But there comes a twist. A plastic surgeon Dr Aisha Barr arrives in a miracle train. In the past, Aisha was the one who trained Gabriel. Not only this, but they were also lovers.

Hence, a love triangle began.

The good karma hospital introduced another new character Teddy who has come to India to look for his first love. A love that he lost at the age of 17. The search of his love comes to a halt when goes through some health problems.

So, the entire staff comes forward to help him in his search.

Now, talking about the finale episode, The good karma hospital season 3 ended on a heartbreaking note as Dr Gabriel appeared to leave the hospital. In the end, he left a rose and a note saying “Forgive Me” for his love Dr Ruby Walker.

There’s one thing to notice here. He informed Dr Lydia About his departure via mail & in that mail, he said to be taking an unexpected leave of absence.

So, what that means? Well, first of all, this ain’t any resignation. In the mail, he has asked for a leave of absence. I believe if the good karma hospital season 3 happens, there’s a high chance he may come back for his love Dr Ruby.

Final Words

The good karma hospital tv-series is filled with warmth, love, kindness, and the best of human behaviour. Watching this show is almost like medicinal and healing. The colours, the crush of people, the music – you get a sense of a true India in watching this series. That’s it for now. I’m ending this post with the hope of ITV airing The good karma hospital season 4.

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