Nick Jonas’s The Good Half Has Officially Released the Trailer, Release Date of the Movie!



Nick Jonas’s recent movie, The Good Half, is on the way to release on the big screen. The actor, who is a member of the Jonas Brothers band, is officially leading the film.

The official trailer, which has been marked on the screen, showcases Jonas as Renn Wheeland who, “after years spent avoiding his problems, is forced to face his greatest fear: the recent death of his mother, Lily (Elisabeth Shue)”.

The official synopsis of the film has already been on the news and the other details including the release date, cast, and trailer, and lined up for the fans. Continue reading the article so that you don’t miss anything.

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Directed by Robert Schwartzman
Written by Brett Ryland
Produced by Brett Ryland

Russell Wayne Groves

Robert Schwartzman

  • Nick Jonas
  • Brittany Snow
  • David Arquette
  • Alexandra Shipp
  • Matt Walsh
  • Elisabeth Shue
Cinematography Michael Rizzi
Edited by Chris Donlon


The Ranch Productions
Distributed by Utopia
Release dates
  • June 8, 2023 (Tribeca Festival)
  • July 23, 2024 (United States)
Running time 110 minutes
Country United States
Language English

The Good Half Release Date

A lot of people are looking forward to watching the good half on the screen. The movie has already been released at the Tribeca Festival on June 8, 2023.

You will be thankful to know that the creator of the show has confirmed the release of the film for July 23, 2024. All those people who loved Nick Jonas are eagerly waiting to watch the film. Mark the date on the calendar so that you don’t miss anything.

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The Good Half Cast: Who will be in it?

The officials have already confirmed the cast for the upcoming movie. If you are excited to check it out, here are the details for you. Take a look at the cast of the series and find out everything.

  • Nick Jonas as Renn Wheeland
  • Brittany Snow as Leigh Wheeland
  • David Arquette as Rick Barona
  • Alexandra Shipp as Zoey Abbot
  • Matt Walsh as Darren Wheeland
  • Elisabeth Shue as Lily Wheeland

What is the Plot of The Good Half?

according to a synopsis for the movie, which premiered at Tribeca Festival, the story reads, “after years spent avoiding his problems, is forced to face his greatest fear: the recent death of his mother, Lily (Elisabeth Shue),” “While traveling home to Cleveland for her funeral, he forges a new relationship with fellow passenger Zoey (Alexandra Shipp), and later, heals an old one with his overbearing sister Leigh (Brittany Snow),” the synopsis adds.

“Together, with the help of his eager-to-connect father Darren (Matt Walsh), an old high-school friend and a hoarder priest, Renn tries to confront his past, his problems, his stepfather (David Arquette), his grief, and his new reality.”

Robert Schwartzman, the movie’s director, says in an interview that screenwriter Brett Ryland penned a script that “really resonated with me because I dealt with a similar experience: I lost my father at a young age to cancer and am still working through it.”

“It felt familiar to me to revisit this type of experience through the main character and to revisit this family dynamic,” said Schwartzman, 41. “I think these kinds of stories can be a welcoming experience to working through grief, especially with loss to cancer.”

Interspersed with moments of humor, the trailer shows Renn’s journey back home for the funeral, where he and Leigh wrestle simultaneously with arrangements, grief, and their relationship with one another.

The show’s trailer highlights Renn and Zoey’s relationship progression, beginning with their first meeting on the plane.

“It feels like there are two halves of my life,” Renn tells his sister at the end of the trailer, to which she responds through tears, “I wouldn’t trade my half for the whole world.”

Schwartzman — who made his directorial debut in 2016 said, “Nick was very committed to the film, very dedicated to this character and stepping up in his first leading role,” the director adds. “Also working on an indie film, having to be willing to emphasize telling this story while working quickly and trusting in the process. He was ‘in it’ every step of the way, as far as bringing the character to life and supporting the material and my vision for the film.”

As for what he hopes audiences take from The Good Half, the director says, “I hope people enjoy the film, that they laugh and cry and feel many things.”

“It’s not a film that evokes a single emotion,” he says. “Grief is mixed; it’s not simple and it’s not the same for each person. So this film may give audiences different takeaways, but most importantly we set out to make a movie to entertain and be relatable. All I can hope is that we create something that leaves a positive mark on our audiences.”

The Good Half Official Trailer

As has been mentioned, the official trailer for the movie has been released on the internet. If you are someone who has missed the trailer, here are the details for the show. Stream the trailer of the movie and find out everything about the show.

Where to watch the show?

As of now, the creator of the series has not released any platform on which the movie is likely to be released. The movie will be available to watch at the cinema.

Later, the studio will distribute the movie on the streaming platform. There are major chances for the good half to be released on Amazon Prime Video on Netflix.

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Final Verdict

The Good Half has officially been confirmed to be released on July 23, 2024. The showmakers have released the official trailer for the movie.

Do you like this article? There are a lot of people who are looking forward to watching the upcoming season of the series and if you are one of them, this section of the article will help you out. Continue reading about your favorite show, movie, or celebrity from our website, Trending News Buzz and get all exclusive details from the most reliable source.