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The Good Doctor Season 6 Release Date: When Will New Season Air in 2022?


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On March 30, 2019, more than a month before the medical drama’s fifth season concluded, ABC announced that it has renewed The Good Doctor for a sixth season.

In addition to this, the network has decided to move two episodes that were supposed to run this year to the instalment that will air in 2022-2023. As a result, this instalment will be The Good Doctor’s longest season to date, with a total of 22 episodes.

That is not going to be the only upcoming shift. According to a story that was published by Deadline on May 13, longstanding executive producer Liz Friedman would be joining David Shore on the programme as a co-showrunner.

Before Friedman went on to work on programmes like Orange Is the New Black, Jessica Jones, and Elementary, the two had a collaboration under their belts from their time spent together on Fox’s House. “I have worked with, and shared my burdens with, and depended on Liz for years,” Shore said in a statement. “I am looking forward to taking in all of the wonderful things that she is going to accomplish with the performance,” the person said.

The Good Doctor Season 6 Release Date

Following the airing of the fifth and final season’s episode on May 16, here is all you need to know before The Good Doctor returns in the autumn.

Who Are Going To Return in Good Doctor Season 6

Although ABC has not yet announced which cast members will be returning, cryptic promotional materials for the season finale promised to leave viewers shocked and teased a possible death. In one of the promos, Dr. Audrey Lim (played by Christina Chang), the chief of surgery at St. Bonaventure, calls for an emergency crash cart for a mystery character.

Aside from that, Freddie Highmore (who played Dr. Shaun Murphy), Hill Harper (who played Dr. Marcus Andrews), Richard Schiff (who played Dr. Aaron Glassman), Fiona Gubelmann (who played Dr. Morgan Reznick), Will Yun Lee (who played Dr. Alex Park), Paige Spara (who played Lea Dilallo), Noah Galvin (who played Dr. Asher Wolke), and Bria Samone Henderson starred in Season 5 of The Good Doctor (Dr. Jordan Allen).

In spite of this, the network announced in April that Season 6 will have two new recurring cast members. Brandon Larracuente and Savannah Welch will play interns with names that are close to their own, Daniel (also known as Danny) and Danica, respectively (aka Danni).

According to Deadline, both actors have possibilities to become series regulars in their respective roles. Larracuente, a former cast member of the remake of Party of Five that was produced by Freeform, plays a character who is “known to captivate physicians and nurses alike, even with his interest in somewhat controversial alternative medicine.”

In addition to his role at St. Bonaventure, he is described by ABC as “a bit of a lone wolf and an interesting enigma to his co-workers.” In the meanwhile, Danni, who works for Welch, is also a graduate of Annapolis. She is said to be “charismatic, ethical to a fault, and competitive both inside and outside of the hospital.” However, you should be prepared for her to create some tension because the former Navy officer is “quite comfortable rejecting authority.”

The Good Doctor Season 6 Plot

Shaun and Lea’s wedding day eventually arrived in the season 5 finale, despite the fact that they had already ended their relationship earlier in the season, and Dr. Glassman even consented to preside over the ceremony.

In an interview with Parade in March, Spara, who plays the role of Lea, expressed her excitement about the potential for the pair to “go forward in the world” in the years to come. Because I have such a lot of affection for Shaun and Lea’s relationship, I had wished from the very beginning that they would end up together.

The actor stated that it simply addresses the virtues of patience and empathy. “The grace that a couple can give for one another in a relationship is something that has always fascinated me, as does the way in which this might play out between a neurotypical person and a person who has been diagnosed with autism. I will be cheering for them all the way, one thousand times over!”

The Good Doctor Season 6 Release Date

ABC has dropped hints that Asher’s parents will make an appearance in the series finale “with a surprise,” which will lead the doctor to have a difficult time accepting the possibility that he and his father “may never really understand one another.” Pending any Season 5 cliffhangers — including the possible death mentioned earlier — that’s another storyline that could continue playing out in the future.


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In either case, fans may anticipate an ongoing combination of happy and tragic events in the episodes to come. “We want to deal with genuine concerns and real individuals who are trying their best and confronting obstacles. We also want to deal with decent people.” And sometimes things work out, and sometimes they don’t, but we don’t always have the happy ending,” Shore, who has described the series as being “about hope,” said in an interview in February with Entertainment Weekly. “But the happy ending is what we’re hoping for, and the majority of the time, we will get it. But the fact that there are sometimes tragic conclusions makes the joyful ones all the more satisfying.

The Good Doctor Season 6 Release Date

When announcing Larracuente and Welch’s casting, ABC revealed that both actors had already shot their first episodes and fans could expect to meet them at the start of Season 6 in the fall. Though the network has yet to announce the specific return date, past seasons have generally premiered in late September, and the same will likely be true this year.

This post will be updated as more The Good Doctor Season 6 details become available.

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