The Glory Season 2 Ending Explained: Unraveling the Plot Twists And Reveals!


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The Glory Season 2 ending explained to our readers. The series is highly addictive due to its revenge-filled plot, but some critics criticized the initial eight episodes for lacking vengeance. This was on purpose, as the show’s goal was to build up to a more satisfying second chapter. The long-awaited vengeance is finally delivered in the final episode, along with unexpected touching moments that add realism to the melodrama.

The ending also suggests that there may be more episodes to come. However, the finale’s non-linear structure can be perplexing, so let’s go over what happened in depth.

Who Really Killed Myeong-O?

Throughout the season, we were made to believe that Yeon-jin was responsible for killing Myeong-o. This was because we saw her hit him over the head with a bottle of champagne, leading Yeon-jin herself to believe she was the culprit.

However, The Glory enjoys playing with our minds, just as Yeon-jin played with Myeong-o’s, and it turns out that Yeon-jin was not the one who dealt the fatal blow. The actual perpetrator was Kim Gyeong-ran, an employee of the store who had been hiding in a nearby room during the attack.

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Although Yeon-jin did commit assault, technically, Gyeong-ran is the one who is guilty of the murder. However, we say “technically” because Gyeong-ran was also a victim of abuse by these individuals for years, so we are pleased that she was able to seek revenge as well.

How Did Yeon-Jin’s Story End?

Dong-eun dismantles every aspect of Yeon-life, jin’s from her profession to her loved ones and everything in between. This is exactly what we wanted to see. The murder weapon Gyeong-ran presents to Dong-eun, however, is what truly seals Yeon- jin’s fate.

A final anonymous tip is all that is required for the police to arrest Yeon-jin by planting DNA evidence in the right places. Dong-eun exacts her ultimate revenge on Yeon-jin by tricking her into visiting the store during the forensic examination of the murder weapon. It may appear vindictive, but it is a work of art in execution.

Glory Season 2 Ending Explained

The last time we see Yeon-jin, her mother, now her fellow prisoner callously disregards her in jail. She was sentenced for the murder of Kang Hyeon-nam’s husband, yet another violent bully who received his just desserts. And, of course, this was all part of Dong-eun’s plan.

What Happens To Jae-Jun?

Jae-jun, like the other villains, deserves to pay the price for his actions. Dong-eun decides to join forces with Sa-ra, whom he previously rejected after she attacked Choi Hye-jeong, to exact revenge on Jae-jun. Their plan is to replace Jae-glaucoma jun’s eyedrops with a chemical that will render him blind.

Jae-jun, by chance, decides to use the drops while driving, resulting in a car accident near a deserted construction site. Jae-jun has then pushed off the top of the site into a pool of cement, in a painful state with blood everywhere.

Although the identity of the pusher is not revealed, it is strongly implied that Do-Young was the one who did it because he is seen leaving Korea with his daughter, Ye-sol, at the airport.

Park Yeon-Jin And  The Rest Of The Bullies

The core of “The Glory” is the Dong- eun’s relationship with Park Yeon-jin, the leader of the group that bullied Dong-eun in high school. Dong-eun’s internal monologues and letters to Yeon-jin demonstrate her fixation on bringing her former tormentor to justice. Dong-eun is successful in linking Yeon-jin to two deaths, including that of So-hee, another of Yeon-high jin’s school targets.

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Yeon- jin’s demise is accelerated by the deaths of her husband and daughter, as well as her mother’s betrayal. The story also includes the consequences of other characters’ wrongdoings, such as Myeong-o’s murder and Sa- ra’s pastor father’s financial crimes. The series’ portrayal of addiction and alcoholism as moral failings, on the other hand, is problematic.

What Happens To Dong-Eun At The End Of The Glory?

Dong-eun plans to commit suicide after completing her vengeance against Yeon-jin and her abusers, but she changes her mind at the last minute after learning of someone else who deserves vengeance. She decides to live for this new vengeance and plans it for six months with her accomplice, Yeo-jeong.

Glory Season 2 Ending Explained

They successfully transfer their target to a different prison and begin their implied revenge plot. The series concludes with Dong-eun and Yeo-jeong in love, with Kang Hyun-nam joining them. The show promised catharsis for Dong Eun’s pain and anger, and it gives her character both justice and healing without forcing her to choose between the two.

Enjoy The Revengeful Plot

Finally, “The Glory” is a highly addictive and satisfying Netflix series that builds up to a more satisfying second chapter. Although the show initially lacked vengeance, in the final episode, the long-awaited vengeance is finally delivered, along with unexpected touching moments that add realism to the melodrama.

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