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Complete Information about- The Glades Season 5

I think you all (Okay, not all most of you) are wondering that what actually the Glades Season 5 is? So, let’s read the article to know the exact answer.

The Glades Season 5 is a crime drama television series. ‘The Glades‘is nothing else but a police bad behavior performance which is made by Clifton Campbell. Initially it is debuted on the network called A&E on July 11, 2010.

The Glade Season 5 follows a police criminologist which is based on Chicago. The movements depend on Florida’s Everglades people group and opens office in the State called Sunshine. The Glades Season 5 is one of the most fascinating, interesting and most-watched special shows telecasted on A&E.

After reading the review of The Glades Season 5 I am sure that you really want to know more about it.…

One question arises in my mind and I think in your also. What actually happens in The Glades Season 5? Let’s find the answer of our query after reading the plot of The Glades Season 5

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What happens in The Glades Season 5? | Plot of The Glades Season 5

In this crime television series (The Glades Season 5), the police disciplinary show starred at Matt Passmore as Jim Longworth. He is a Chicago police detective, who becomes a state police detective in a Florida Everglades community.

Later, he leaves the Police Department (Chicago) when he was shot by his own captain in the buttocks. His captain thought that Jim was sleeping with his wife (Captain’s wife). He then gets a huge settlement from the city of Chicago.

Finally, he settles in Florida for the golf and he trusts that now his life will move more easily as compared to earlier time. Basically, he goes to South Florida just to take higher position in Law Enforcement Department of Florida (FDLE).

Moreover, he believes that the money which he would get from FDLE give him better and more luxurious lifestyle. He also wishes that with this lifestyle he will easily complete all his trips to the golf fields and can take sunbaths by the beach because he will become one of the richest persons of the world.

But he didn’t get any info about the hidden complexities of his new locality. In other words, after some time Jim Longworth finds that life in his new hometown (Florida) is more difficult than meets the eye. Jim Longworth was surprised because of the rate of high murder in South-West Florida which makes his job more stressful then it was in Chicago. At last, he ends all his involvement from Chicago.

Now it’s my wish to tell you something about the Cast/ Characters of The Glades Season 5

Cast/ Characters of The Glades Season 5

As we all know that Characters play a vital role in the popularity of any television series. Characters can make the series more interesting.

So, let’s read about it briefly…….

These are the leading Characters of this fabulous movie who make this movie more popular in the world.

All of you (Okay, not all most of you) might be excited to know that when it will be on our screen?

When The Glades Season 5 will appear on our screen? Release Date of The Glades Season 5

After watching the fourth season of The Glades in 2013, fans actually want to know whether the Glades will be telecasted for a fifth Season.

The Glades completed 13 scenes and finished every scene within 60 minutes. It was done in length Finale o August 26, 2013. Moreover, A&E gave a shocking and alarming news that The Glades future is completely hacked out for the next season i.e. fifth Season of The Glades.

So, The Glades Season 5 isn’t happening. Finally, the fifth season of The Glades is cancelled.

I am sure that you really want to know the reason behind the cancellation of this fabulous crime television series.

Reason behind the Cancellation of The Glades Season 5

Unexpectedly, after the Season 4 finale, the plug was pulled by A&E on the Glades. The network didn’t give any specific reason behind the cancellation of The Glades Season 5. Although, it was rating by the people of the world. The rating was down from Season 3, besides the good rating for Season 5 it was cancelled.

Not only this news shocked the viewers but also a surprise to cast. According to the creator of the show, Clifton Campbell, this is very frustrating news for all the lovers of the Glades Season 5.

To satisfy your expectations let me show you a trailer of The Glades, which might give you some idea of The Glades Season 5

The trailer of The Glades Season 5

You can easily watch this video to grasp some info about the Season 5 of The Glades

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who committed a shot to Jim Longworth?

His captain of Police Department shot on him.

2. What was the reason behind the shot?

The captain of Police Department thought that Jim was trying to commit sexual assault with his wife while sleeping with her.

3. How did Jim feel after shifting to Florida?

He felt that the lifestyle of Florida is more complex as compared to Chicago.

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Final Words

The Glades Season 5 is one of the most interesting crime television series which is based on the police wrong doing behavior. As the captain of police department shot Jim just because of the misunderstanding that he was sleeping with his wife. After that Jim shifted to South West Florida to get position in Law of Enforcement in Florida Department. At last, he came to know that the life style of Florida is more complex as compared to Chicago.

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