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The Glades Season 5: Is There Any Possibility For Season 5 to happen?


Arvinda Dixit

The Glades is one of the most popular criminal television dramas around the world. If you are someone who loves criminal drama and wants to explore some great shows in the same genre then this series is truly going to help you. Released On A&Es, The Glades made their debut on the screen in 2010. After the release of the first season, the series became widely popular among the people. The marvelous plot and ambitious characters of the series attract a large audience.

Just after the conclusion of the first season, the series gets widespread polarity and is instantly booked for the second season. Over time, the series grew in number and released more seasons. At the time, The Glades had four seasons and everyone was waiting for the release of the fifth season.

The story of the series centers around a Chicago detective who joins a job with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. In the show, we see that the detective was falsely accused of sleeping with the Captain’s wife. After that, he was challenged with a  lot of difficulties which made his life worse. 

If you are one of those people who are waiting for the fifth season to happen then this article is for you. After the completion of the fourth season, the showrunners have high expectations for the upcoming plot. If you are interested to learn everything about the series then this article is for you. 

The Glades Season 5 Cast: Who will be in it?

In the series, we saw Matt Passmore, as Jim Longworth, the main protagonist of the series who is a homicide detective from Chicago. In the show, he was falsely accused of sleeping with his Captain’s wife and was shot in the buttocks. This urges him to leave the city and get moved out to another one. 

If there is a fifth season, we are confident he will be back with his role. Along with this, the series is highly likely to get all the other characters in the show. The fifth season of The Glades will feature Kiele Sanchez as Callie Cargill.

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Along with her, there will be Carlos Gómez as Dr. Carlos Sanchez, Jordan Wall, as Daniel Green, Michelle Hurd as Colleen Manus, and Uriah Shelton, as Jeff Cargill. 

Also, if there will be any additional characters in the show, we’ll let you know. As of now, the official has not yet stated anything regarding the upcoming character.

The Glades Season 5 Cancellation News: Why there is No Season 5?

Sadly, there won’t be another season of the show. After the fourth season of the show was released, the majority of the fans started to wonder about the possibility of the fifth part of the series. However, the network wasn’t interested in extending the series beyond the fourth season. Fans were disheartened to learn about the cancellation of the series.

Just after a week after the release of the fourth season, the official canceled the show for the upcoming release. There is no specific reason behind the cancellation of the show. The showrunner didn’t provide any details on the show and its future. 

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Many people assume that after the release of the fourth season, the show’s rating dipped greatly and it influences the overall performance of the show. There are many reasons which could have led to the cancellation of the show and we know that ‘The Glades Season 5’ was something that won’t happen. 

The ending of the fourth season was already convincing and it didn’t leave any string to lead ahead. As per the interview with the creator Clifton Campbell, The Glades, he revealed that the cancellation of the fifth season was unexpected for them. Although the story ended on a great note, it allows people to think that the series can move beyond the fourth season. 

Is There Any Possibility for the Fifth Season to Happen?

After watching the fourth season, we learned the story’s conclusion. However, during the interview with the creator of the show, we learned that there was more for the story to move forward. As the cancellation of the series came unexpectedly, we are sure that there are more things for the story to learn.

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The show can return if any other channel tries to take the rights. Also, there is a huge chance for the series to be back if the fans demand the release of the show. As of now, there is no news on the matter. If there will be another season of the show, we will make sure to let you know. 

How Fans Reacted to the News?

Fans were confused after the cancellation of the show. There were a lot of reasons to renew the series but the channel decided not to. Well, fans were furious to learn the details. One person wrote, “Canceling this show makes no sense whatsoever.

The same limited thinking was behind the cancellation of Star Trek in 1969; due to perceived ‘Inadequate’ Ratings – or so, they thought. They were looking at the wrong demographic – the young soon-to-be breadwinners and emerging house-buyers still in their late teens and twenties were the main audience but disregarded by the network executives.

I suspect it’s the same thing here, but regardless – A&E, in canceling The Glades, chopped the best show that was on the air at the time – better than most of all the other shows, save the CSI series and ER. I am so sad to hear about the cancellation of the show”

While another says, “There was more charisma and likeability in The Glades cast than EVERY other show on the air at the time. Ratings may very well have been indicative of inadequate advertising – which I thought at the time fell far short of what should have been carried out – rather than any fault of the show itself, which was EXCEPTIONAL.

The dialogue writing was top-notch, and the premise of Longworth’s brashly impish character was perfectly played by Matt Passmore. He equaled Tom Selleck’s Magnum and Pierce Brosnan’s Remington Steele’s playful character creation and portrayals, and Callie is the most loveable female lead in recent memory. We want another season of the show A”

Is There Any Official Trailer for You to Watch?

There is no official trailer for the fifth season of the show. If you are one of those people who want to watch the official trailer for the upcoming season then sadly there is nothing to watch. However, there is the official trailer for the Glades.

Check out the official trailer of The Glades.


The Glades Season 5 is officially canceled by the Network. After the successful end of the fourth season, many people wondered about the possibility of another season. However, the channel had some other plans for the show. As soon as the fourth season ended, the channel canceled the series for future release. 

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