The funniest news anchor moments seen on live television!


Arvinda Dixit

In the fast-paced world of live television, anything can happen. From breaking news to unexpected mishaps, news anchors often find themselves navigating uncharted territory in front of millions of viewers. Sometimes, these moments veer off script and into the realm of hilarity, leaving audiences in stitches. Here, we recount some of the most uproarious news anchor moments caught live.

Mike Seidel Appears to Urinate on Live TV During Snowstorm Coverage

This incident occurred during a live broadcast in January 2018 on The Weather Channel. Weather reporter Mike Seidel was covering a snowstorm in North Carolina when he appeared to be urinating in the snow. In the video, Seidel is seen bending over in a peculiar posture, leading viewers to speculate that he was relieving himself.

However, The Weather Channel quickly clarified that Seidel was not urinating but rather attempting to measure the snowfall by collecting a sample. The angle and timing of the shot, combined with Seidel’s posture, created an optical illusion that misled viewers.

The incident gained attention on social media and became the subject of jokes and memes, but it was largely attributed to a misunderstanding rather than any deliberate misconduct on Seidel’s part.

‘BBC Dad’ Moment: When Kid Interrupted a Live Interview Six Years Ago

The “BBC Dad” incident occurred in March 2017 when Professor Robert Kelly, an expert on South Korean politics, was conducting a live interview with the BBC via Skype from his home office in South Korea. As he was discussing the impeachment of South Korea’s president, his young daughter, Marion, barged into the room, followed by her baby brother in a walker. Marion was quickly followed by their mother, Jung-a Kim, who rushed in to remove the children and close the door behind her.

The unexpected intrusion, along with Kelly’s attempts to maintain composure and continue the interview, captured the attention of viewers worldwide. The video quickly went viral, earning Kelly the nickname “BBC Dad” and turning his family into overnight internet sensations.

The incident was widely shared and discussed on social media, with many finding humor in the chaos of the live broadcast and commending Kelly’s efforts to remain professional despite the unexpected interruption. The video resonated with audiences, perhaps because it offered a humorous and relatable glimpse into the challenges of balancing work and family life, especially in the era of remote work and video conferencing.

Anastos’ Infamous ‘F*cking That Chicken’ Slip-Up: A Hilarious Broadcasting Blunder

In September 2009, during a live broadcast on FOX 5 New York, anchor Ernie Anastos inadvertently created a memorable and humorous moment when he mispronounced the word “plucking.” While discussing a story about a man who raised chickens, Anastos meant to say, “Keep plucking that chicken,” referring to the process of plucking feathers from a chicken. However, he accidentally said, “Keep f*cking that chicken.”

The slip of the tongue caused immediate shock and laughter among his co-anchors and crew, as well as viewers watching the broadcast live. Anastos quickly realized his mistake and attempted to recover by laughing it off, saying, “I know I’m from the Bronx, but…” Despite the on-air blunder, Anastos continued with the broadcast, and the incident became an instant viral sensation.

The clip of Anastos’s gaffe circulated widely on the internet, garnering millions of views and sparking memes and parodies. While the incident was embarrassing for Anastos, it also brought him a certain level of internet fame and became a memorable moment in broadcast history.

Sue Simmons’ Infamous On-Air F-Bomb: A Memorable Blooper at WNBC

The Sue Simmons incident refers to a memorable blooper that occurred during a promotional segment for WNBC, a local news station in New York City, in 2008. Sue Simmons, a longtime anchor for WNBC, was recording a promotional segment with her co-anchor, Chuck Scarborough.

In the segment, Simmons was supposed to deliver a scripted line promoting the station’s upcoming news coverage. However, during the recording, Scarborough became distracted by something on the computer screen embedded in their news desk. Simmons, noticing Scarborough’s distraction, ad-libbed a response, saying, “What the f**k are you doing?”

The unexpected use of profanity shocked both Scarborough and Simmons, and the clip quickly went viral after it was leaked online. Despite the controversy, Simmons and Scarborough continued their roles as anchors for WNBC, and the incident remains a memorable moment in broadcast history, showcasing the unpredictable nature of live television.

Cynthia Izaguirre’s On-Air Slip-Up: Mixing Up ‘Blind’ and ‘Gay’ in Broadcast Introduction

This incident occurred when Cynthia Izaguirre, an anchorwoman for Action 7 News, made a notable on-air blunder during a broadcast. While introducing a report about a mountaineer, Izaguirre mistakenly interchanged the words “blind” and “gay.” Instead of saying the mountaineer was blind, she said he was gay.

The mix-up likely occurred due to a slip of the tongue or confusion in Izaguirre’s delivery. However, it caused a moment of confusion and amusement for viewers, as it completely altered the intended meaning of the introduction.

Charlie Shortino’s On-Air Banter: Meteorologist’s Risqué Remarks Amuse Himself

This incident refers to a humorous and somewhat inappropriate moment involving meteorologist Charlie Shortino during a broadcast in Wisconsin. Shortino, known for his jovial personality, made a comment that amused himself, particularly when joking about the personal lives of the news anchors.

In this instance, Shortino likely made a light-hearted and possibly risqué remark about the anchors’ sex lives during the broadcast, prompting laughter from himself and potentially causing some discomfort or amusement among his colleagues and viewers.

While such comments may have been meant in jest and as a form of banter among the broadcast team, they can sometimes cross the line into unprofessional territory, especially if they are deemed offensive or inappropriate by viewers or station management.

KTLA Anchor’s Live Mic Slip Leaves Reporter Sam Rubin Surprised

This incident occurred during a live broadcast on KTLA, a Los Angeles television station, when reporter Sam Rubin was sharing a personal story about his wife’s perception of his weight. While Rubin was in the middle of his story, the anchor at the traffic center unintentionally made a comment about him being the “fat guy” on air. Unfortunately, she didn’t realize that her microphone was still on, allowing her comment to be heard not only by Rubin but also by the entire audience.

The incident likely caused some embarrassment and awkwardness, as the anchor’s comment was unexpected and made during a live broadcast.

News Anchor’s Live Reporting on Toddler Tantrum: A Hilarious and Relatable Moment

This incident involves a news anchor reporting on her toddler’s tantrum from outside his room, resulting in a comedic and relatable moment. While it’s unclear which specific news anchor and news outlet this incident pertains to, the general scenario is not uncommon among working parents.

In this situation, the news anchor, likely working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic or other circumstances, found herself in the midst of a live broadcast when her toddler began throwing a tantrum in another room. Instead of ignoring the commotion or attempting to hide it, the anchor decided to humorously acknowledge and report on the tantrum to her audience.

The anchor might have described the sounds of her toddler’s tantrum or provided humorous commentary on the challenges of balancing work and parenting, especially in a work-from-home environment. The authenticity and relatability of the moment likely resonated with viewers, as many working parents have experienced similar interruptions and struggles while trying to work remotely.

Overall, this incident highlights the unpredictable and sometimes chaotic nature of live television, as well as the ability of news anchors to handle unexpected situations with humor and grace.

Reporter’s Hilarious Fish Market Fiasco Goes Viral

During a live broadcast, a courageous reporter ventured into a bustling fish market to showcase the day’s catch, only to find themselves in a comically chaotic situation. Attempting to maintain professionalism while handling an impressively sizable and slippery fish, the reporter’s valiant efforts quickly turned into a hilarious struggle.

As the slippery creature wriggled and flapped in protest, the reporter’s determined expression shifted into a mixture of determination and amusement, captivating viewers with an uproarious scene. Despite the challenges of keeping the aquatic sensation in frame, the reporter’s unwavering dedication to delivering the news amidst the flurry of fins and flapping resulted in an unforgettable moment that swiftly spread laughter worldwide.

Snow Tubing Mishap Makes Unprepared Reporter the Unexpected Star of Snowy Weather Report

In a hilarious event filmed during a snowy weather report, an unprepared reporter unintentionally became the star of the program when a snow tuber careened crazily into his path. As the reporter described the wintry weather, a joyful snow enthusiast rode a tube down a neighboring slope.

However, their path proved less predictable than expected, resulting in a collision with the unassuming bystander. With a mix of shock, surprise, and slapstick hilarity, the man was unexpectedly and unceremoniously taken out by the passionate snow tuber.

The hilarious photograph froze the frame right at the point of impact, leaving viewers in stitches and demonstrating the unpredictability of live reporting, as well as the unanticipated risks of a winter wonderland.

Youngster’s Hilarious Grin Steals the Show in Unforgettable News Blooper

In a news blooper that made viewers laugh, a youngster unintentionally took the spotlight during a live broadcast with an endearingly eccentric grin.

As the camera rolled, catching the gravity of the news story, a cheeky toddler in the background made an amazingly hilarious expression that could rival even the most experienced comedians. What actually added to the amusement was an enigmatic figure stuck in a loop, appearing to race endlessly in the background and transforming into a different person, resulting in an amusing and inexplicable spectacle.

The funniest news anchor moments seen on live television!

Wardrobe Malfunction Mishap

In a cringe-worthy yet strangely entertaining news blooper that soon became internet humor, a poised reporter experienced a wardrobe malfunction just moments before going live on camera. Unbeknownst to her, the camera began filming earlier than intended, capturing her in a state of unpreparedness as she frantically altered her outfit.

The reporter’s steady composure crumbled into a mix of astonishment and quick action to correct the problem when her skirt became a little off-center. While uncomfortable for the reporter, the behind-the-scenes look triggered a rush of reactions online, reminding everyone of the unpredictable nature of live broadcasts and the significance of always being camera-ready—even when the cameras aren’t meant to be rolling.

This Bankruptcy Is Getting Hot Under My Eyes

During a live stock market report, a diligent reporter encountered an unexpected interruption that stole the show. Amidst the gravity of the financial analysis, the backdrop presented an erotic scene: two guys abruptly engaged in a passionate embrace, entirely unaware of the continuous broadcast. We suppose bankruptcy really gets these guys’ motors going.

From Sideline Spectator to Unexpected MVP

In an amusing and unexpected scene during a live sports program, a dedicated reporter found themselves in the middle of a football practice, only to become an unintentional participant. As they really endeavored to provide insights into the team’s tactics, an overly passionate player misread their direction, resulting in an unintentional collision with the reporter. Nice tackle! We’ll need an ice pack over here. The referee could care less. “Touchdown!”


During a live television broadcast, a seasoned reporter experienced a memorable and cringe-worthy incident. As they began a serious news piece, an unseen prankster took advantage of the moment to perform a naughty act, quickly pantsing the startled journalist. If you don’t wear a belt with your suit, you deserve to be pantsed.


In the world of live television, unexpected moments are par for the course. Whether it’s a photobombing pedestrian, a mischievous cat, or a teleprompter malfunction, news anchors must always be prepared to think on their feet and roll with the punches. While these incidents may veer off script, they provide audiences with moments of levity and remind us all to embrace the unpredictable nature of live TV.

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