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The Flash: What Happened After The Ending Of Season 7?

The Flash: Ending After Season 7?

The Flash Story

Flash storyline as most of you know it already, is how the protagonist, Barry Allen, struck by lighting in an accident, wakes up after 9 months only to realize he has gain supernatural powers!

This series which streams on The Cw network stars Grant Gustin, Danielle Panabaker, Hartley Sawyer and Candice Patton among others.

As any other superhero has already done by now, Barry wears a superhuman costume, a mask and uses his extensive power to fight evil and shield the people of Central City.

And since we are here to talk about Season 7’s apparent formation or cancellation, allow me to brief you about season 6.

Season 6 As We Know It

What we are seeing in Season 6 (Since it is still on air) is how Allen starts to distract himself with his work as he silently deals with his future daughter’s loss.

Also, Dr Ramsey gives birth to this new baddie who is name Bloodwork. I mean, the name itself suggests how evil he’d be. I hate it.

So the sixth season has been receiving quite a welcome, with a 1.2 million streaming viewership.

However, if we look closely, the previous seasons were supposedly more popular and on top of the chart, than the present one.

This could be a reason why the production isn’t heading for a renewal. Might be. Might not be.

What To Expect

There’s a whole lot of buzz around the ‘Crisis On Infinite Earths’ crossover, where fans have come up with their eccentric theories.


Some said this will probably bring the end of The Flash, while some said Team Flash will dodge this through just like it aces every darn time.

The Monitor had told Allen that The Flash needs to die in all circumstance so that millions could live instead!

Now if you’re thinking Barry would, in actuality, die and that will just be it, you might be a little mistaken.

Airing its 6th season, for now, the show has enough episodes to be broadcast up to the 19th of May.

Reports have been such, that post final episode airing, the show will be replaced by a new superhero show named Stargirl.

No news of a supposed season renewal is on the line, and even if there was an idea, however feeble, Coronavirus has been a boon( of course) and beautified our lives! *snorts*

Perpetually, production hasn’t started yet. We’d let you know as soon as some good news actually pops up! We’re striving too, mate.

The Flash

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