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The Flash : Sue Dearbon Hints At The Next Arrowverse Crossover, All Details


David Mudd

The Flash started a buildup in Season5 to bringing Sue Dearbon into the story. It was done by briefing her name on a case file at the end of the season 5 final episode. The fans of Flash was already wondering when and how Sue could be used in the story. It was after when Ralph joined the Team Flash in season 4.

The character is played by Natalie Dreyfuss. Besides, Sue’s introduction leads to the story of Identity Crisis. It is expected in next year’s Arrowverse crossover. Even though Sue appeared only in one episode in the story yet. Besides, she was used as the center un the story of Ralph in Season 6. Ralph started making progress in his investigation to find Sue. He was looking for the missing woman quite some time.

Later Ralph found that she was playing him to pull off a robbery. She double-crosses Ralph in between their team-up and leaves him behind. Although, it is sure that there will be a point she will reappear in the story.

The Flash

The Arrowverse And The Identity Crisis (The Flash )

Identity crisis is one of DC’s best and darkest superhero stories so far. The sexual content and the violent murders in the story were not very much appreciated by many. But a large portion of the fanbase loved and appreciated it. The blocks are already in place for Identity Crisis in the Arrowverse. Sue will be one of the important characters for sure.

The creators of the Flash need to make a love story between Ralph and Sue to establish the Identity Crisis in the Arrowverse. They may not add some darkest moments. Instead, they will be looking to smaller crossovers.

The Flash

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