The face of Miu Miu’s 1930s-inspired campaign is Gigi Hadid



DUBAI: This week, American-Dutch-Palestinian model Gigi Hadid debuted her newest bag campaign on Instagram, which features an elegant 1930s aesthetic and is a collaboration with the upscale Italian brand Miu Miu.

Hadid models beside the handbags, which come in brown, orange, and yellow hues, in the campaign that features the Wander and Arcadie purses in their renowned matelasse style.

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She was seen wearing a button-down beige shirt and an ash brown skirt in one photo, and a form-fitting beige halter-neck dress with a plunging back in another.


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She displayed her sense of style even more when she wore a bright orange shirt with black pants, gray stockings, and brown loafers.

She also donned a floral halter-neck dress with tones of orange, white, and gray that gave the shoot a hint of summertime elegance.

She wore a blue collared dress and a sleek black outfit for her last two looks.


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Her hair was cut into a bob for every picture.

Photographed by Steven Meisel, the images are influenced by the avant-garde aesthetic of the late British photographer Yevonde Middleton, who was well-known for her use of muted hues and the incorporation of flora and draperies into her pictures.

This is not Hadid’s first partnership with the company. Just last month, during Paris Fashion Week, she walked the brand’s runway.


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She was dressed in a knee-length white dress with a slit running down the center of it. The outfit also included an opulent brown fur coat, which looked great with a chic leather purse and pointy-toed shoes.

Loli Bahia, a French-Algérien model, joined Hadid on the catwalk.

With a sleek black purse, black leather gloves, classic black shoes, red sunglasses, and a double-breasted gray coat, Bahia looked amazing.

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Miu Miu’s collection poked fun at the idea of growing up and becoming an adult. The satirical little sister brand of Miuccia Prada once again approached important subjects from a frivolous perspective.

The Tom Hanks film “Big” was referenced by cropped sleeves, rounded-toe shoes, and pajamas with outerwear amidst exaggeratedly reduced dimensions. Adulthood was portrayed with handbags and gloves, smart tailoring and brooches.