Big News! The Equalizer Season 5 Has Officially Greenlit at CBS!



CBS’s popular action, crime drama series, the Equalizer has recently concluded its fourth season. Fans were highly anticipating the release of the series for a long time and as its fourth installment marked its release on the screen, fans were highly excited to watch the gripping crime drama show.

After the conclusion, there were many questions regarding the possible future of the series. As the show is filled with a lot of suspense, crime, legal actions, and suspense, it is highly unlikely for the creators to not look into the show’s future. 

Over the past few years, the creator has remained determined towards the valuable release of the show and has high faith in the creators for the continuation of the series. We know our readers have a lot of questions regarding the future of the series, and they want to know whether the fight against crime and corruption. Here is everything you need to know.


  • Action
  • Crime drama
  • Vigilante
Based on The Equalizer by Michael Sloan and Richard Lindheim
Developed by Andrew W. Marlowe & Terri Edda Miller
  • Andrew W. Marlowe
  • Terri Edda Miller
  • Joseph C. Wilson
  • Adam Glass
  • Queen Latifah
  • Tory Kittles
  • Adam Goldberg
  • Liza Lapira
  • Laya DeLeon Hayes
  • Lorraine Toussaint
  • Chris Noth
Music by
  • Ali Shaheed Muhammad and Adrian Younge
  • Robert Duncan and Sean Pack
  • James Poyser
Country of origin United States
Original language English
No. of seasons 4
No. of episodes 53
Executive producers
  • Liz Friedlander
  • Richard Lindheim
  • Queen Latifah
  • Shakim Compere
  • Debra Martin Chase
  • John Davis
  • John Fox
  • Terri Edda Miller
  • Andrew W. Marlowe
  • Randy Zisk
  • Joseph C. Wilson
  • Eric Laneuville
  • Loretha Jones
  • Adam Glass
  • Rob Hanning
  • Zoe Robyn
  • Meredith Mills
  • Joe Gazzam
  • Erik Lee
  • Jamila Daniel
  • Raymond Quinlan
  • Jolian Blevins
  • James Kilton
  • Dorian Harris
  • Matthew Philip Smith
  • Nick Towle
  • Brock Hammitt
  • Doug Hannah
  • Steven Lang
  • James Michael Crawford
  • Debby Germino
  • Scott Lerner
Camera setup Single-camera
Running time 43–44 minutes
Network CBS
Release February 7, 2021 –


The Equalizer Season 5: When is it Going to be Released?

Will there be “The Equalizer” Season 5? What to expect with the next season of the show? Fans are waiting to watch the fifth season of this show. Though the viewers are waiting to watch the next season, the creators cooperate with the network in the next season’s production.

Thankfully, the viewers Will be able to watch the 5th season of the series. CBS  has officially announced the renewal status of the equalizer season 5.

CBS Entertainment president Amy Reisenbach in a statement, “The Equalizer, led by the incomparable Queen Latifah, has all the best elements of a powerful drama.”

“The series is stacked with suspense, heroism, high stakes, and formidable characters our audience roots for. We look forward to another dynamic season.”

With the confirmation, the fans are expecting CBS to announce the exact release date for The Equalizer Season 5. Unfortunately at the time of writing we don’t have any scheduled date for the fifth installment since the production of the show has not come to an end. However there are major expectations for the show to be out in the late 2024 or in early 2025.

Tom Hiddleston’s Loki has officially released its two seasons and fans are all-ready to watch the third season of the MCU’s series.

The Equalizer Season 5 Cast: Who will be in it?

Want to check the cast of the series? As the officials have already announced the future of the fifth season,  it is highly likely for the creator to talk about the amazing cast of this series. At the time of writing, the creator has not yet confirmed any character living the show. That means, the  audience is likely to watch all the main characters arriving on the series.

  • Queen Latifah as Robyn McCall,
  • Tory Kittles as Marcus Dante,
  • Adam Goldberg as Harry Keshegian,
  • Liza Lapira as Melody “Mel” Bayani,
  • Laya DeLeon Hayes as Delilah,
  • Lorraine Toussaint as Viola “Aunt Vi” Marsette,
  • Chris Noth as William Bishop
  • Erica Camarano as Detective Paley
  • Jennifer Ferrin as Avery Grafton,
  • Frank Pando as Captain Torres,
  • Chris Vance as Mason Quinn,
  • Dominic Fumusa as Detective Ken Mallory
  • Brett Dalton as Carter Griffin
  • Donal Logue as Colton Fisk
  • Jada Pinkett Smith as Jessie
  • Gloria Reuben as Trish
  • Kelly Rowland as Misty
  • Mike Epps as J.J. Cranson

The Equalizer Season 5 Plot: What to Expect with the future of the Show?

Fans are highly anticipating the future of the fifth season. They have multiple questions on the future potential of the series. Viewers want to know what the future holds for Robyn and the other characters of “The Equalizer.”

Not only this but he last season showed how Robin went through traumatic events which lead her to become anxious and disquiet. The upcoming season will witness her life and the challenges she faced while moving out of the situation. It is hard to say whether she will find closure for her past traumas or will she find herself in the new challenges that will ultimately test her resolve?

The upcoming season of the Equalizer will delve into Robyn life’s and showcase how her professional and personal life mixed up. The show will explore her potential and the ability to maintain her life through hardship. The officials have renewed the fifth season of the show and it will navigate around the complex life of the characters and their ability to cope up with it.

Multiple questions are lingering in the minds of the viewers and we believe that the creator will perfectly conclude them in the upcoming season. The next chapter of the series is going to be thrilling and exciting for her viewers.

The Equalizer Season 5 Official Trailer

Many people are excited to watch the upcoming season of The Equalizer as the creators have confirmed the future of the series. However, if you are looking to watch the official trailer for the fifth installment then unfortunately there are no updates.

The official trailer for the fifth season will be updated once the production for the series is concluded. Till then stream the first season.

Where to watch the show?

The Equalizer is officially available to stream on Amazon Prime Video. All those who wish to watch the series can head to the platform and stream the show there.

What are the ratings of the show?

Let’s take a look at the online rating of the show:

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The Equalizer Season 5 is officially announced to be released on CBS. The Equalizer’s next chapter is sure to deliver the same thrills and excitement that have made the series a fan favorite for years.

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