The Ending Of The Burial Explained! The Real-Life Story of Jamie Foxx and Tommy Lee Jones



The Burial Is a courtroom drama series that has remained a topic of discussion among the fans of crime drama series. Featuring Jamie Foxx and Tommy Lee Jones, an unlikely duo that has created a lot of admiration from the people. The story of boreal is based on real events, which makes the story more interesting for the audience to watch.

The events of the series are inspired by the story of Jeremiah “Jerry” O’Keefe, Mississippi-based ferns director and owner of the company in finale across the state who hires a flashy and ambitious personal injury lawyer named Willie E Gary.

In the series, you will see that Gary is a professional lawyer who has never lost a case and agrees to take Jerry’s civil suit against a large corporation called Loewen Group. We see how the chemistry between Foxx and Jonas makes an amazing turn as we move forward with the show.

It is a crime and legal procedure, drama series, it and honor, conflicting note. We want to see who is guilty and who is not. The final verdict remains mixed as the series continues to shower more excellence at the end of the show.

We also watched how The final verdict begins at just a few million dollars but ends up being closer to half 1 billion at the stake but the time the movie ends. However, the finale of the series asks the people whether the verdict will be in favor of Willy and Jerry or not.

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The Burial Ending Explained!

The final scene of the series comes in the final episodes where we see how the final verdict of the judge gets stopped. We watched how before the final verdict, there was a meeting between Raymond Loewen, his attorney Mame Downs (played by Jurnee Smollett), and Jerry, his wife Annette, Willie, and an arbitrator.

We watched how Willie tried his best and asked Loewen to settle the case, followed by a big payment. We see how the mediator tries to write down numbers on a small slip of paper, and at the same time, everyone is staring at the paper with a straight face.

When it comes to Jerry, he refuses the offer gently. As a discussion goes by, Loewen counters with a new offer of 75 million but again Jerry refuses, telling Raymond that it is not worth it. Confused, Loewen is desperate to know why he isn’t certainly the case when it is everything he is offering. To which he responded, “Because it’s not enough money to put you out of business!”

The reply of him gets on the nerve of Tommy Lee Jones and in the end, both the group ended their meeting, without any conclusion. The meeting was not settled, and everything was up to the Jury.

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Now in the final episode of the series, the boreal makes everyone shocked when both sides, including the audience, were waiting to hear the final verdict of the show. The last scene holds an important position as we see how the case started with 6 million cases and has now sold 12 hundred million.

We watch the whole thing, the jury concludes that the Loewen group is guilty, and she follows it up with the order that the company must pay Jerry, and unbelievable, 400 million so that the case gets settled.

The number was an enormous win for Jerry and Gary. However, later we watched how the number was reduced to 1 75 million. The amount of cash that wickets was unexpected as Jerry was shocked to hear the reward amount. We also voiced how Raymond was pissed off with the huge amount as he gets pissed off with her cherry getting a hug from Gary and Annette. Later, the two friends exchange an emotional hug.

After 2 years, the series takes place around the time, 2 years later, where Raymond Loewen is forced to resign as the CEO of his own company. In the final episodes, we watched how the company declared bankruptcy just a few years following that. It also follows the picture of Jerry and Gary standing together with their hands clasped. They two inform the audience that they are still friends. They two remained friends for 20 years until Jerry passed away in 2017.