The Dragon Prince Season 4 Cancelled? Find out Why

The Dragon Prince Season 4 is certain to be one of the most anticipated shows among those of you with a Netflix subscription. Netflix has a huge selection of animated shows, but The Dragon Prince is unique among them.

Recently, it’s season 3 concluded & the hype for Dragon Prince seasons 4 has already started. So, in this post, I’ll update you whether there’ll be The Dragon Prince season 4 or not.

The Dragon Prince Plot Summary

The story of The Dragon Prince revolves around two human princes who manufacture an impossible bond with the elven professional killer sent to slaughter them, leaving on an epic journey to carry harmony to their warring terrains.

A land loaded with enchantment, named Xadia, entrances with staggering creatures, enchantment spells, and powerful monsters. The elven human advancements of Xadia, alongside every single other animal, are controlled by Azymondias, child to the previous lord Avizandum.

The Dragon Prince Season 4 Has A Lot Of Hype Around It

That’s because much of Netflix’s library comes from anime shows from Japan. These aren’t original shows, but rather content that they’ve licensed from elsewhere. The Dragon Prince, however, is a Netflix original show, and a great one at that.

In a library of content that features shows like Cowboy Bebop and Fullmetal Alchemist, It stands shoulder to shoulder them. It has a dedicated fan following, and the show’s creators churned out episodes quite quickly.

The Dragon Prince
The Dragon Prince

Season 1 debuted on September 14, 2018, Season 2 dropped on February 15, 2019, and Season 3 released on November 22, 2019. All these seasons have 9 episodes each. Which means that we got 27 episodes of this in a little over a year.

It Has Extremely Talented People Working On It

That’s both a testament to the quality of the show as well as Netflix’s confidence in it. Netflix is notorious for canceling shows after two seasons. So, for them to give the green light on three seasons of a show so quickly is quite incredible.

It’s not a surprise that this show has turned out to be awesome, either. Aaron Ehasz is its showrunner. Some of you might be familiar with that name already. That’s because he was the head writer on Nickelodeon’s phenomenal Avatar: The Last Airbender series.

So, with so much pedigree behind it, Season 4 coming to Netflix may seem like a foregone conclusion. Surely it’ll get renewed, right? Well, it’s not so simple. It has been nearly 5 months since the show’s third season dropped. Yet, we haven’t heard anything from Netflix anime The Dragon Prince Season 4.

The Dragon Prince
The Dragon Prince

Controversial Reason Why The Dragon Prince Season 4 May Not Happen

For a show that released new episodes so quickly, that is quite curious. There may be a good reason why this has happened, though. Danika Harrod, a former employee at Wonderstorm, which created The Dragon Prince, has accused Aaron Ehasz of sexism.

On November 6, 2019, she added her voice to another person’s complaints regarding Ehasz’s behavior. She even goes on to say that this is one of the reasons that pushed her to leave Wonderstorm.

Netflix tends to take such cases quite seriously. They famously fired Kevin Spacey from House Of Cards after accusation against him started piling up. This may be one of the reasons that are holding up The Dragon Prince Season 4. It’s all up to Netflix now.

The Dragon Prince Season 4 Cast

If the Dragon Prince season 4 goes as planned earlier, the cast of the anime show will be as follows –

  • Claudia played by Racquel Belmonte
  • Callum played by Jack DeSensa,
  • Viren played by Jason Simpson,
  • Ezran played by Sasha Rojen
  • Rayla played by Paula Burrows.

That’s it. These are the artists who will lend their voice in the Dragon Prince Season 4.

Final Words

I genuinely hope this fiasco will not force Netflix to pull the plug from this amazing anime show. Whenever Netflix decides to drop the trailer of season 4 or announces its release date, I’ll be the first to inform you about all the updates. So, stay tuned with us to know about them. In the meanwhile, I would recommend you to watch one of my favorite anime


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