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The Dig Netflix History Drama Film by Simon Stone!

The Dig is a history film drama film in which a young but widowed woman hires an amateur archaeologist named Basil Brown to dig the area or huge mounds which are on their property where they lived.

The rumours or the news started from the many years that this area is historical and many historical things might be buried under this property but no one started to work on this mound to find something until Edith Pretty hired this man. He learned all his things from his father and grandfather before becoming an archaeologist.

He is given minimum pay by other owners or the employers but after the death of Edith Pretty’s husband she decided to work on the mounds by digging it as many people informed that this is a special place where historical things are buried.

So she hired Basil to dig the mounds but he said that he doesn’t have hopes that he could find anything from here.

In the beginning he is not willing to work in that area as he is offered the normal pay but Edith decided to increase his pay so that he can work for her to find something. If the saying of the people comes true then they are the first who discover history things.

the dig netflix

So he accepted her offer and started to work on that property. She lives with her son named Robert who started to dream Basil as his new father but it is a good love but he is a good man who didn’t want to cheat his wife.

In the starting Basil starts digging the mounds with the help of a small team and then with other members when they find ship parts and other things. Now people started coming to join him to find other things.

In the end his name is also written in the museum as he is given credit after the death of Edith as she died due to some problem because her health condition is not good enough.

The first part of the movie is interesting because no one wants to dig that property and they both start to take interest in that mounds as she is also interested in archaeology even though the war is going to start.

But when the things started to come out, all wanted to take part in that digging and one time the charge of this was taken by other persons or the govt but she said this is her property and Basil continued to work on it because he is the one who started to dig.

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The Dig Netflix Release Date

I know you all are waiting to know when the Dig is released on Netflix. So the film aired on 15 January 2021 with limited release and then taken up by Netflix to release it on 29 January 2021.

This dig Netflix film is amazing and from critics it received positive reviews along with five nominations for British Academy Film Awards.

the dig netflix

The Dig is directed by Simon Stone while screenplay is given by Moira Buffini which is based on the same name by John Preston novel of 2007 and it shows the 1939 events of Sutton Hoo.

It has a running time of 112 minutes and was released in English Language in the United Kingdom.

Magnolia Mae Films and Clerkenwell Films are the companies behind its production and the rights to release the film is taken by Netflix. Gabrielle Tana, Ellie Wood and 2 others are the producers who make this beautiful film which is edited by Jon Harris while music is provided by Stefan Gregory.

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The Dig Netflix Cast

These are the cast members of the Dig Netflix drama film-

  • Edith Pretty is played by Carey Mulligan.
  • Ralph Fiennes plays the role of basil brown.
  • Peggy Piggott is played by Lily James.
  • Rory Lomax is played by Johnny Flynn.
  • Stuart Piggot is played by Ben Chaplin.
  • Charles Phillips is played by Ken Stott.
  • Robert Pretty by Archie Barnes.
  • May Brown by Monica Dolan.

You can watch the Dig film on Netflix and on Amazon Prime Video.

The Dig Trailer

Here is the trailer for The Dig Netflix


The Dig Netflix is an amazing film which received 7.1 ratings out of 10 on IMDb with an increase in its popularity and 88% on Rotten Tomatoes for this movie.

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