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The Diary of a Future President Season 2 | Latest Updates And More

the official oster of The Diary of a Future President Season 2

The Diary of a Future President Season 2 will be here soon!

The Diary of a Future President is a wholehearted Optimistic show about the spirit of believing in and dreams coming true. A grown-up Elena Cañera Reed asks for her childhood. Her childhood diary becomes her source of inspiration for what she experiences as an adult. The Diary of a Future President Season 2 will be a must watch!

Season 1 is a wonderful collection of events that take us back to Elena’s childhood, specifically 6 the grade. The story is told through a child perspective which provides a refreshing view of the show. After gaining immense popularity, the show is all set for a brand new season 2. 

Read on to know more about the imminent season 2 in this article. 

Plot of The Diary of a Future President Season 2

The Diary of a Future President about Elena Peña Reed who will later become the President of the United States. But right now she must survive through the terrors of middle school. When the series starts, Elena is in 6 th grade where she is trying to navigate the many sides of school life. 

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Complicated friendship 

Elena is closest to Jessica, who goes to the same school as her. But Jessica is shown to be friends with Melissa, Who is like an arch enemy to Elena. Jessica does not realize how selfish she can come off as. She even bullies Elena. 

Ultimately the two friends find their way back to each other. 

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The family drama 

Starring the main lead actor of The Diary of a Future President Season 2

Change is inevitable and like everybody else, our little heroine does not find it very welcoming. When her mother starts dating Sam, she feels like she has been replaced. Her own home didn’t feel like hers anymore. A sense of helplessness pervades through. 

Later a conversation with her mother assures her. She realizes people cannot be replaced. She even learns to be on good terms with Sam, the guy her mother is dating. 

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Bobby’s orientation 

Elena’s brother Bobby is shown to be struggling while trying to come out of the closet. This is going to change a lot of personal dynamics. He also has a crush on his best friend Liam. 

Season 2 

Showcasing a still from The Diary of a Future President!

Season 2 of the show is going to be centred on 7 the grade. Every grade is a battlefield through which Elena must learn to remain strong and at the same time find her true self and integrity. She must learn and understand the value of her ethnicity. Elena’s journey is important for multiple reasons. Her journey is a source of inspiration for many like her who come to the US to fulfil their dreams. 

Even when she grew up, she looks for this very diary that records her obstacles back in school life and how she had overcome them. The diary was more thaththe that theory item to her. It was more than just pages; rather it was one friend to whom she had never lied and who had always remained her friend throughout everything. 

In season 2, we further delve into Elena’s journey of seventh grade and how things become more complicated.  

The showrunners

The series is executive produced by Gina Rodriguez who also plays the role of a grown-up Elena and Ilana Peña has developed this show. The idea of the series is based loosely on Ilana Peña’s lifelong journey to establish her true self. 

The Cast of The Diary of a Future President Season 2

Featuring the cast of The Diary of a Future President Season 2!

The series has Tess Romero playing the lead as Elena Peña Reed. Plus, the half-hour series also stars Charlie Bushnell as Elena’s brother Bobby, Selenis Levya as Elena’s mother Gabi and Michael Weaver as Gabi’s boyfriend Sam. Additional cast members include Jessica Marie Garcia as Gabi’s colleague Camila, Carmina Garay as Elena’s best friend Sasha, Sanai Victoria as Elena’s classmate Melissa, Harmeet Pandey as Elena’s friend Jessica, as well as Brandon Severs and Nathan Arenas as Bobby’s friends Liam and Danny. 

Release date of The Diary of a Future President Season 2

August 18 .2021 is the official date of release of Season 2.

The Diary of a Future President Season 2 Available on 

The series is available on Disney +


The Diary of a Future President is a beautiful story of a young girl who one day will become the President of the United States. The series has an all-inclusive air that especially brings together the Latinx community. The series is a tribute to all those people who dream for the impossible, starting from nothing.

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