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The Daily Life of the Immortal King : Release date | Plot | Twists


David Mudd

If you are an anime–lover or an anime– muggle, on the hunt for a new show to binge on, the new Chinese show The Daily Life of the Immortal King, has the potential to become your favorite anime series.

It is, obviously, not easy to choose from the countless series of anime productions. But this one has taken the anime fans by storm and that too, over a very short period. 

The following article is going to be an account of what makes this show so special and Why it is on-trend right now. We have compiled this article to answer all your burning questions about this trending show and why it’s so easy to fall in love with.

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It’s Not Anime But Donghua 

So, first, let me tell you something interesting. The term anime refers to the Japanese webtoons and adaptations from Manga(Japanese fiction comics). As this show originated in China, it’s called a Donghua.

This Donghua is an adaptation of Manhua, which refers to a Chinese comic. So, next time you can brag this not-so-essential information in front of family and friends.


As mentioned before, this Donghua is inspired by Chinese light web novels and Manhua. These two things helped a great deal to set the art style as well as the necessary molding that is needed in order to become a Doghua(anime).

This Chinese show was released on 18 January 2021 and ended on 28th March 2021. The show was run by Ku Xuan and being done with the first season, is getting ready to launch a brand new second season. It is produced by Haoliners Animation League.

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Welcome to the World of Wang Ling

The main lead of the series is Wang Lin, a young boy with exceptional powers of spiritual forces who must attend the school of cultivation. Even though there seems to be nothing wrong with Wang Lin’s life, that is not the case.

In Wang Lin Lins’s world, everyone has Spiritual forces within them and they go to cultivation schools to enhance those powers. But Wang Ling is a born cultivation genius who is invincible. It is his extraordinary skills that gain him easy attention. 

This is the conflict of the series. Our hero has always sought a peaceful life, devoid of any attention and publicity, unlike his classmates. But as his powers come out in the open, the hope for simple life seems even further away. 

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The mysterious World of Cultivation System 

a still from the daily life of the immortal king
An exciting scene from The Daily Life of the Immortal King

Anime mostly focuses on a different world than the real one. There are a lot of energy systems that the characters are a part of. 

For example, ki was the internal power force in Dragon Ball Z and Charyeok, the system of borrowing God’s power in The Gods of High School, in this show it is referred to as Spiritual Force or SF which lies within a person. To master this potential cultivation school is needed and this school becomes the very point of action in the series.

PS: Wang Ling was born with 30000 Heavenly Dao which has the potential to destroy everything!

Wang Ling’s Characters

Wang Lin is the kind of character who doesn’t care about the outside world and its distractions (or so it seems!?). He is a quiet person looking for a simple life. But Wang Lin’s world doesn’t grant his simple wish very easily. The more he wants to avoid expressing his powers, he ends up using it or faces situations in which restricting his forces isn’t an option.

Things began to complicate when he must attend High School. Earlier, his parents would provide him gold tablets to weaken him and keep the powers in check. But now he must survive on his own while protecting his superpowers.

Sun Rong: A Budding Romance?

wang lin and the budding romance
The main characters and the romantic aroma

Sun Rong is a gifted student who attends the same school as Wang Ling. She is completely and almost binary opposite to the character of Wang Ling. 

She loves a dramatic entrance, shows off her skills, is confident, and loves attention. She seems to have a soft corner for our hero.

The character is intrinsically crafted and portrays a deeper understanding of the show’s complicated storyline. 

Chao Chen and Hao Guo :

the characters of the daily life of the immortal king
The awesomel characters of The Daily Life of the Immortal King

Apart from Wang Ling and Sun Rong, we have Chao Chen, Hao Guo. In season 1 Chao is elected as the chief of his class. He is an honest, outspoken, and quick jump into difficult situations because he believes physical powers yield solutions to crises. He seems to have a crush on Sun Rong.

 Hao Guo is a close friend to Chao Chen. He doesn’t speak much, strangely witty and kind of wise. He is always there to burst the bubble of Chao’s imagination. His witty remarks are too perfect!

 Perfect comic timing

As you start watching the show, you will find lots of comic moments and sharp use of anti-climax. 

Misunderstandings, hyperbolic actions, and statements play quite a role to create your moments.


The series has gained instant fame amongst anime lovers. The viewers worldwide couldn’t simply get enough of it! The complaint was that it ended too soon! 


This 18 minutes show is released on ONA,i.e. Original Net Animation which is an online platform. A lot of online websites are offering to watch, like, beta and crisp story without any interruption is seen as a plus point and hence is much preferred by the viewers. The episodes are available on YouTube also.


Undoubtedly, this series has already started to create quite a buzz. Dialogues and characters are well presented in the show. After all, a High profile school and pressurized young students aren’t that hard to resonate with. We might feel bad or good for them but relating with these characters is a little hard to digest

We hope this article helps you to get a hang of this new show. And put down your comments and questions and whatever is in your mind about this awesome series and stay tuned for further updates.